Week in Geek: Free Version of Google Apps for Business has been Discontinued

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By Akemi Iwaya on December 9th, 2012

This week’s edition of WIG is filled with news link coverage on topics such as Android’s ‘Google Now’ services are headed for Chrome, Microsoft is ready to push Hotmail users to Outlook.com, a 25 GPU setup devours password hashes at up to 348 billion per second, and more.

Weekly News Links

  • RIP: Free Google Apps for Business
    Google has announced that one of its cloud-based services, Apps for Business, will no longer offer a free tier. The Mountain View, Calif.-based search leader now asks customers to pay a yearly fee for the service, which includes Google’s popular Gmail, Drive, Docs, and Calendar specially designed for private enterprise deployment.
  • Australis (for Linux) to land “after Firefox 20”
    Days ago, Mozilla’s Paul Rouget stated that “We’re actively working on the Australis theme for Windows, a new Download panel, a network installer, and a new way to customize Firefox’ toolbars.” More…
  • Mozilla demos WebRTC-based Social API in Firefox
    Mozilla has presented a demonstration of what it hopes to achieve with future social features in Firefox that make use of the new WebRTC capabilities in the browser. The Social API and its sidebar interface were integrated into Firefox 17 and the latest beta version of the browser adds WebRTC functionality which gives the browser the ability to transmit voice, video and data. Blog post contains an embedded video of the WebRTC Demo.
  • Android’s Google Now services headed for Chrome, too
    The all-purpose alert system isn’t just for Android. Google is building Google Now into Chrome as well, taking advantage of its notifications system.
  • Windows 7 PCs to Stay on Sale Until October 2014
    Although Microsoft still struggles to convince everyone that Windows 8 is worth a shot, Windows 7 continues to remain the top choice for most new PC buyers in the world.
  • More Online Results Heading to Ubuntu Dash in 13.04
    More online integration is coming to Ubuntu in its next release, Canonical have announced. Ubuntu 13.04 will ‘fulfil’ the goal of the Unity Dash to be a one-stop global search tool. It will include more ‘Scopes’, a new relevancy ranking system, and a wider range of commercial product suggestions.
  • Creative developer releases updated interesting LibreOffice UI mockup
    It seems that various users are expressing demands for a visual LibreOffice refresh, an approach that seems to be in the LibreOffice developers’ area-of-interest via concepts/mockups/ideas like Citrus, etc, yet, until now, there hasn’t been significant LibreOffice UI changes.
  • Download Google Earth 7 With Fixed “Signal 11” Issue For Ubuntu
    One of the Google Earth developers has emailed fixed Google Earth builds (pre-release) to some Linux users who have commented about this issue on the Google Earth forums, and it seems a fixed build will be available soon (the exact date is not known) on the Google Earth download page. If you don’t want to wait, you can download these fixed Google Earth 7.0.1 builds (deb) for Ubuntu / Linux Mint / Debian from this blog post.
  • Steam for Linux Beta Opens Up for Yet More Users
    More users now been given access to the limited Steam for Linux beta, Valve have confirmed. Announcing the expansion of beta access on the Steam for Linux forum, Valve’s Frank Crockett urged those who have applied previously to check their inbox for a redemption code.
  • Steam for Linux Will Get Eight Amazing New Games
    The Steam Greenlight program initiated by Valve has just cleared eight great games that will arrive on Linux, along with the other platforms.
  • Google graduates 3 Labs projects to Gmail
    This past week Google unveiled the three lucky projects via its Gmail Google+ page. They include: Send and Archive, Default reply to all, & Quote selected text.
  • Dropbox plans Windows 8 touch support
    The file-sharing service is adapting its software to the live tiles and touch actions of Windows 8’s new interface.
  • Secret SkyDrive Code Hints at Microsoft Web-Based Music Player
    A cloud music player project for SkyDrive was started approximately one and a half years ago, but Microsoft seems to have made some real progress with its new web-based player.
  • Microsoft Is Getting Ready to Push Hotmail Users to Outlook.com
    Outlook.com was officially released earlier this year but, starting this week, Microsoft will begin to encourage existing Hotmail users to make the move to its revamped email service.
  • Microsoft Rolls Out Color Themes and Archive Option for Outlook.com
    Redmond-based technology company Microsoft has started rolling out Outlook.com service updates, including an archive option and new color themes.
  • Microsoft pulls the plug on its Silverlight.Net site
    Microsoft has closed its central resource site for Silverlight and broken many URLs in the process. Fixes may be coming, but no word when.
  • Java 6 allowed to live just a little longer
    Oracle has extended the support for version 6 of the Java Standard Edition (Java SE) yet again, so that now the end of public updates for it is scheduled for February 2013. There should be a last update release of Oracle’s JDK 6 at the start of February 2013. Then, after 19 February, the updates will stop and there will be no more public releases of security updates, patches or fixes for Java SE 6.
  • New PlayStation PSN Web Store blocks Linux computers
    Sony again snubs Linux users with a PS3 by refusing access to the new SEN Web Store, with a generic error message giving no rhyme or reason.
  • Instagram, Twitter lob grenades in war over value of photos
    If a picture’s worth a thousand words, then control over the picture has never been more crucial in Silicon Valley.
  • Microsoft’s DroidRage Twitter campaign goes painfully wrong
    Someone in Microsoft public relations seem to think that encouraging Android FUD on Twitter would be a great way to win friends and influence others. Wrong!

Security News

Image courtesy of Jeremi Gosney / Passwords^12 (This is also a direct link to the PDF file report.).

TinyHacker Links

  • How Good is Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security 2013 at Securing Your PC?
    Trend Micro has launched their 2013 edition of security products which is compatible with Windows 8. Are there any improvements versus the 2012 edition? Do they perform well? Find out in this detailed review.
  • What Is Ransomware and How to Avoid It
    We are hearing more and more via online and by word of mouth that Ransomware, the practice of holding your infected PC hostage until a fee is paid, is increasing to epidemic proportions. Read this New York Times article describing the practice and steps you can take to insure that you do not fall victim.
  • Ski Safari – The Best Mobile Game of 2012
    Free for a limited time but well worth the usual .99, Ski Safari is one of those games that just grabs your attention, much like last year’s Jetpack Joyride. Ski down four different mountains, jumping, grinding, surfing through hills, tunnels and clouds. Ride a snow machine, a penguin or even a Yeti.
  • Here Comes Santa Claus
    Courtesy of NORAD, here’s the link for the little ones to track Santa. Apps available for iOS, Windows 8, Google Play and Windows Phone.
  • Logos with Hidden Symbolism
    Check out this list of some very interesting logos.

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  • Published 12/9/12
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