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Common Misconceptions in Physics [Video]

Take a tour of common misconceptions in physics–such as the nature of gravity and velocity–with this brief and simply animated video courtesy of MinutePhysics.

Common Physics Misconceptions [via Neatorama]

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  • Published 12/7/12

Comments (4)

  1. StevenTorrey

    I was told that the ancients knew the earth to be round when they saw sailing ships disappear over the horizon; that they reappeared told them that indeed the earth was round. I am also told that they saw the eclipse and realized the earth to be round. So Columbus was simply re-iterating what was already known..

  2. bedlamb

    In Columbus’ time, it was common knowledge that the earth was round. His trip had nothing to do with trying to ‘prove’ it.


    Ya but, the Incas knew the earth was both round and flat just like a candy sucker on a stick.

  4. bobro

    wait… the state of the train tracks was not spesified… there is nothing stopping the track from being flat, it wouldnt follow the curve of the earth but it could still be flat.

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