Our Geek Trivia App for Windows 8 is Now Available Everywhere


When we first released our Geek Trivia app, it was sadly only available in the US store for Windows 8, but now you can get it no matter where you live. It’s completely free, so get your copy right now!

For those that aren’t familiar with this app—it’s really quite simple: if you want your daily dose of Geek Trivia to show up on a Live Tile on your Windows 8 Start Screen, get this app.


We’ve also got quizzes, loads of previous trivia, and we’ll be adding even more features in the near future.

Get Your Copy of Geek Trivia for Windows 8

Note: you can also just search the Windows 8 Store for “Geek Trivia” and it’ll come right up. If you’re using a browser other than IE on Windows 8, you might have to do it this way. Use the Charms Bar’s Search feature to access the search page.

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