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Our Geek Trivia App for Windows 8 is Now Available Everywhere


When we first released our Geek Trivia app, it was sadly only available in the US store for Windows 8, but now you can get it no matter where you live. It’s completely free, so get your copy right now!

For those that aren’t familiar with this app—it’s really quite simple: if you want your daily dose of Geek Trivia to show up on a Live Tile on your Windows 8 Start Screen, get this app.


We’ve also got quizzes, loads of previous trivia, and we’ll be adding even more features in the near future.

Get Your Copy of Geek Trivia for Windows 8

Note: you can also just search the Windows 8 Store for “Geek Trivia” and it’ll come right up. If you’re using a browser other than IE on Windows 8, you might have to do it this way. Use the Charms Bar’s Search feature to access the search page.

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  • Published 12/4/12

Comments (12)

  1. Liam

    hmmm I’ve had this app for ages, and im in the UK……

  2. Kevin

    The more I use my FREE 90 day trial version of Windows 8 RTM, I’m so glad I will never have to spend a dime on Windows 8. It is not the power house that everyone thinks it is. Constant freezing, the apps are not compatible with keyboards and mice (mainly made for touch devices). Fast boot times, okay, I’ll give it that. Microsoft wanted to revive the PC industry but at the same time took a huge crap on all current and future PC users. Sorry I know this has nothing to do with the article.

  3. Kevin

    Does not install on my machine. This is why I hate Windows 8! Thank God for free trials.

  4. Erwin

    It’s weird that so many users have problems with windows 8, myself i haven’t noticed any problems yet in windows 8, and i am using it for almost 3 months now, All my hardware is compatible, all my programs work fine, everything is faster than windows 7 was,

  5. surgec411

    Windows 8 doesn’t have any problems, but it just simply sucks! I mean, its as if Microsoft completely cut off at pc OS and went to touch screen devices! I mean, its not like everyone sits on the sofa using there new tablet! What about at work? Or in you office? Windows 8 IS as a matter of fact compatible with PCs but doesn’t go well, because for example its better to have a taskbar at the bottom of the screen than a multitasking bar where you have to move your mouse to the corner of the screen and keep it there. Plus the ability to not be able to close programs easy is worse that S$$$! Although i do like the new task manager! I’m sticking to windows 7 until windows 9 comes out (I read they are developing one already!)

  6. Erwin

    I agree with the fact that the metro app’s are a pain in the ass to close, that’s why i don’t use those, i’m only at my desktop.
    about that windows 9, iv’e been reading that there won’t be a whole new OS, but some kind of update to improve the current one, (witch i highly doubt because a high number of people are complaining about the whole new metro style). so lets see and wait,

  7. Mmmbacon

    @surgec411 and erwin:

    ” Plus the ability to not be able to close programs easy is worse that S$$$!”
    “I agree with the fact that the metro app’s are a pain in the ass to close”

    Seriously?? I hate the ability to close apps instantly when you press alt-f4 or grab the top of the app and drag down. Both of which take the same amount of time as clicking the legacy X. Stupid devs can’t even make apps close with thought control yet.

    Here’s some tips for you Entitled Internet Generation Gimme Everything Now types:

    Use the time you now use sitting on forums and whining about change, to actually LEARN the program. Hint: keyboard shortcuts are your friends.
    Lose the “mob rules” mentality. Develop YOUR own thoughts. Actually using the program and understanding it allows you to express valid well formed opinions instead of parroting what the others that haven’t fully tested the os are saying. Chicks dig valid well thought out opinions based on actual usage.
    And finally, most important. Change WILL HAPPEN. You may like it, you may hate it, but Skippy it’s still coming. Thankfully there are dev’s that eschew the “closed minded, i hate change, gimme what I want now” thought process and continue to give us ground breaking products. Applying these views doesn’t guarentee a products success (there are things I would love to change in 8), yet I’m thankful there are people still not settling for the status quo. Despite the morons clamoring to know the whereabouts of their precious START button….

  8. John

    @ Mmmbacon
    I’m shocked. A concise and rational contribution that expresses some common sense. I could go on, but it’s pretty much a waste of time. They’re not gonna change.

  9. Mike

    I was very hesitant to even try Windows 8 as a free trial, but finally did so on my back up laptop. I cannot, for the life of me, understand all the negative nonsence. Okay, so Windows 8 takes a bit of learning since it’s a different approach; but upgrading from Windows 7 left me with vitually two systems on my Laptop. I have erything I ever had with Windows 7 plus a whole lot more.
    After playing around for a couple of weeks, I installed a paid version on both my laptop and Touchscreen PC and find that both systems work seelessly with a keyboard and mouse, the touchscreen effect is also seemless.
    To my mind, Microsoft have finally managed to do something right

  10. H.G.Walter

    I just bought a Windows 8 computer on line by Toshiba. Haven’t received it yet. I have read a lot of negative talk about it, I’m using a Windows XP right now. Not being to computer savvy I bought a
    book called WINDOWS 8 for DUMMIES, I seen it before I spotted yours ” THE HOW to GEEK GUIDE ”
    My experience in life taught me that people always fight change just as I have with many things. I’m
    just going to start new and learn what I can. H.G.

  11. Ged

    I think Windows 8 is GREAT, haven’t had any issues since installing on both my Laptop and PC, installed ClassicShell, which gets me straight to the desktop, no problems installing all the Applications that I use. Disabled all the Start Apps as I’m not really into live tiles, maybe for a touch screen device yes, but doesn’t suit me on a PC/Laptop.
    I have all the benefits on Windows 7 and more, including faster start up and shutdown times. Can’t understand what all the fuse is about, hey I’m hitting 50 years soon and I got used to it after 2 weeks of use.
    I actually read somewhere on the forum that Windows 9 will have the same Start Screen as Windows 8, so for all you Windows 8 haters out there, looks like your going to hate Windows 9 too. :) :)

  12. Gautam

    Well the app was installed successfully,but upon launching it shows nothing.

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