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Ask the Readers: What’s on Your Geeky Christmas List?

From tablets to replicas of Tattoine, visions of geeky and technology-loaded gifts surely dance in many of your heads. This week’s question is all about you and the loot you’d love to find in your stocking this year.

Whether you’re dreaming of tech goodies like a new ultrabook or ebook reader, or of more geeky pursuits like a Star Trek themed chess set or a tour of Africa to visit abandoned Star Wars sets, we want to hear all about it.

Don’t be bashful, hop into the comments and let loose with your wish list; check back on Friday for a What You Said roundup highlighting wishes from the endearing to the extravagant.

Jason Fitzpatrick is a warranty-voiding DIYer who spends his days cracking opening cases and wrestling with code so you don't have to. If it can be modded, optimized, repurposed, or torn apart for fun he's interested (and probably already at the workbench taking it apart). You can follow him on if you'd like.

  • Published 12/5/12

Comments (37)

  1. indianacarnie

    The ssd I want for my boot.

  2. bullwinkle12

    New gaming keyboard and mouse, RAM to boost my rig.

    Might make the jump to Windows Phone with a Lumia 920. We’ll see, have to play around with it in the store first, otherwise will get whatever is the top Android phone out.

  3. Roderick Wells

    Windows 8 Pro. I know most people I know already have it, but since Im a broke college kid, Im hoping my family will suprise me with a upgrade.

  4. Doh

    The upgrade is only 15$ man. Pfft.

  5. Henry

    one of those $250 ARM based Samsung chromebooks

    a rasberry pi (and a power adapter)

  6. Asgaro

    Ur mom.

  7. Brian

    I would love the GeForce GTX 670 line of video cards to finish out my newest gaming rig. Tis but a dream with their current price tags though…

  8. nt0xik8ed

    hmmm, Christmas and tons of junk. Just how Jesus (the greatest salesman ever known) wanted it…

  9. JOhn

    I want a wireless KB thingi for my Blackberry Play Book ….

    I’m not very good @ touch screens :(

  10. Lawrence

    To get a affordable gaming rig.

  11. NSDCars5

    1) Gamepad
    2) Xbox 360 (the impossible one)
    3) RAM upgrade for my laptop
    4) A tablet (the impossible one too)

  12. Dave

    A Rapsberry Pi to tinker with, especially to see if I can get it up and running with OpenElec/Raspbmc and a torrent client for a low power media centre/htpc

  13. Corsack

    1. A new laptop for tests and programming, as my good ol’ Toshiba gives up.
    2. PS3 console
    3. Nexus 7 or Kindle Fire HD (can’t decide atm)
    4. New 22″ or 24″ monitor, that will support two HDMI inputs. Perfect for Raspberry Pi and my gaming PC

  14. TheFu

    * R-pi (512M version); fun toy for tinkering
    * eSATA-MP card linux compatible – always need fast, easy, storage for more systems
    * Plantronics USB headset – lots-o-conference calls.
    * 12 port CAT6 patch panel – wired ethernet, accept no substitute
    * USB micro bluetooth adapter – xbmc box doesn’t have a keyboard and BT would be perfect.

    Would that Lenovo media keyboard/touchpad thing be a better solution?

  15. Urichhai

    A TARDIS USB port.

  16. Torin

    For more people to switch to GNU/Linux and ditch crapple and windoze.

  17. JT

    World Peace.

  18. George

    Some Memory and a new BLU Ray + Lightscribe drive for my laptop
    The How to Geek Guide to Windows 8!!!
    George H

  19. Throne3d

    New graphics card. >:3

  20. Atakan

    Definitely a nexus 10 and a doctor who monopoly edition

  21. Omar

    A 7-inch android tablet, and 2 SSD’s for my 2 laptops , plus a good swivel 24 inch monitor mount , and a better KB and Mouse wont hurt only if i can afford all of those.

  22. rKiller

    Many things 1) A galaxy Note II
    2)Raspberry Pi
    3)A 512 GB SSD

  23. Ms Hanson

    Pandora for my truck.
    Oh – and dog-chew-proof cords and cable. Seriously.

  24. Rabo

    1. Gamecube SD loader
    2. New laptop, as my current one has a broken hinge, broken ram stick, and the hard drive is at 87% when the PC is idle in safe mode
    3. Galaxy s 3, HTC One S or really any android
    4. A new N64 controller+adapter(project64 XD)
    5. Halo 4
    6. Raspberry Pi
    7. A desktop that I can tinker with

  25. Chris Osborne

    The best Tech idea Ive ever had… I want a Wookie for Christmas

  26. Jer

    Geeky stuff:
    Lego Emerald Night
    RAM boost

    Not so-geeky:
    Camera Lens

  27. hamish51

    Please can we stop this ridiculous “Happy Holiday”, and get back to “Merry” or “Happy Christmas” , which is what this season is about.

  28. hamish51

    Enter your email here

  29. TechGeek01

    I was hoping for a touchscreen monitor to work with Windows 8, a Kindle Fire HD, and one of those fancy hexa-core Inel i7 processors. It’s not much, but it fits my needs.

  30. imanoldgoat

    A device with a button that I can push to short-circuit and disconnect every d*** phone being used in an irresponsible way or innapropriate place: in the car, movies, church, synagogue, while walking, etc. Be a much quieter and safer world. Baa!

  31. David

    A SiliconDust HDHomeRun Prime. Too many channels I can’t record without a cablecard tuner.

  32. MdKnightR

    I want a NAS with two 2TB WD Red drives in it.

  33. Matt

    Nexus 7
    New Speakers
    Assorted tools

  34. tu.nguyen

    First laptop for working (Lenovo thinkpad T430u or t430 with SSD hard disk :D).

  35. Valkyre

    Seriously want someone to BUY my current build so I can buy a new one! This is valid, right?

  36. Shawn Collins

    @TheFu et al
    You mentioned you wanted a Plantronics headset but I strongly advise against it! Here is what I’ve learned and what has happened to me. I’m just stating things I’ve been told and facts:

    1) Plantronics USED to be top-of-the-line with their headsets, etc. This was when these headsets were used in the business world. Headsets for computers were crappy and inferior. Plantronics failed when it tried to jump from the business headset to the gaming world (not my opinion, but I believe it now because of my next point:

    2) I bought a (high-end) Plantronics headset in January. I’m waiting for it to be returned from it’s SECOND warranty repair. The first time, one of the “ear muffs” got dislodged. The 2nd time, the microphone started working sporadically one night and the next day it didn’t work at all.

    3) Plantronics has been great (and fast) when dealing with my warranty repairs. TWO warranty repairs on the same headset, however, puts me in the frame-of-thought that next time I buy a headset, I won’t buy Plantronics.

    * #1 is the opinion of 3 people. People who would know. I should never have bought on impulse and name alone. Points #2 and #3 are personal experience.

    Shawn Collins

  37. Shawn Collins


    You said: “The upgrade is only 15$ man. Pfft.” (regarding Windows 8). This is insulting.

    You either have never attended college and/or your parents have been paying for your way and bought you whatever you want. $15 is $15 that many of my classmates don’t have to spare. Seriously…whoever you are…congratulations that your existence is one where $15 “…is only $15” and not your next 3-4 meals in the university cafeteria!

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