Windows 8’s default blue window border color isn’t the only option. Windows 8 automatically selects the appropriate color depending on your wallpaper – you can also select a different color or use a third-party tool to easily select other colors.

Changing the color of the window borders also changes the color of your taskbar. The taskbar and window borders use the same colors in Windows 8, although the taskbar is still partially transparent.

Change Your Wallpaper

The default color is only blue because of the default background Windows 8 comes with. To change your background, right-click the desktop background and select Personalize – just like in Windows 8.

Click the Desktop Background option at the bottom of the window to change your wallpaper.

Select a new wallpaper from the list. You can select one of your own background images by clicking the Browse button and browsing to it. When you select a new background image, Windows will automatically change the window border color.

Windows won’t always choose the main color in the image – for example, when you select the below flower image, Windows chooses a pink color for the window borders instead of a blue one.

Select a Color

If you want to set a color independently from the background color – or tweak the automatically selected color – click the Color option in the Personalization window.

You can select one of the predefined colors from this list. To re-enable automatic window border color selection, select the color at the top-left corner of the list.

To tweak your colors even further, click the Show color mixer drop-down option and use the four sliders to customize it.

Easily Select Custom Colors

It’s possible to specify a variety of colors with the sliders in the window above, but this may not be the most convenient way of doing it.

Instead of playing with those three sliders, you can try Aero8Tuner, which we mentioned as a way of re-enabling transparent window borders in Windows 8. Aero8Tuner allows you to save a list of your favorite custom colors that you can easily switch between them. You can also select a custom color with a single click.

After downloading Aero8Tuner, launch it and click the Main Color icon.

Select one of the basic colors or click and drag to select a custom color. Click the Add to Custom Colors button to save your favorite custom colors for later.

As with all Windows desktop customizations, you can save them as a theme from the Personalization window. This saves your window border color, wallpaper, sounds, screensaver, and other settings into a single theme preset that you can reload later.

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