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The Little Server that Could [Humorous Image]

Anyone up for a bit of miniaturized water-skiing fun?

Note: Make sure to visit the Reddit link below for some enjoyable comment reading.

Would not want to go to work and find this [via Reddit – Tech Support Gore]

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  • Published 11/30/12

Comments (11)

  1. Thrush

    I don’t see the problem, it looks like the new water cooling system is running well.

  2. Mike

    that’s a lot of fiber ports and an awful short mounting depth for a server…

  3. ogie

    not a server, from the color of the cases and the fibre cables i would say that is ciso gear.

  4. r

    don’t know what it is, but those are not servers, or lans and that’s not a server cabinet

  5. Ya YA

    I wonder if the property owner is “under water” too.


  6. EKMA

    wish my computer could make hot chocolate :- (

  7. fubeca

    That IS a server cabinet. It doesn’t have doors, or much mounted, but it’s def a server cab. Yeah, I would say that’s cisco gear as well.

  8. imanoldgoat

    It’s the Neiman-Marcus “Must Have” Holiday present: an in-home olympic water exercise course. FOB Texas, USD 250,000.

  9. O.n

    The title is gold!

  10. yoel

    all I see is a water a pump…

  11. shaun

    Fubeca is 100% correct, it is a Server Cabinet, the mounting points for the rack is correct, you dont want to mount it higher, it would make the cabinet top heavy and would be really hard lifting it that high, all the servers is supposed to have a lifted floor, for floods and cables.

    That is also Cisco gear, 2 X Back to Back Cisco 4500 Switches. Around $40k a unit depends what modules been added to it.

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