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The Last Sounds You Ever Want to Hear Your Hard-Drive Make [Video]

Sounds that are not for the faint of heart if all of your precious data is on that hard-drive without a backup! Let the tears commence…

HDD Failure [via Fail Desk]

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  • Published 11/30/12

Comments (23)

  1. Chase

    It’s a 2 stroke hard drive.

  2. ReadandShare

    Sounds exactly like a lawn mower — but mowing data instead of grass.

  3. Ha HA

    Now’s the time to pull the neodymium magnet out. If nothing else, it will make a heck of a strong refrigerator magnet. But there may be other uses too. But first…:

  4. CompWiz

    Sad to see a HD give it’s final moments… :P

  5. trm96

    Well there’s your problem it’s a Seagate…

  6. Keith

    If toast could talk, that’s how it would sound.

  7. Keith

    Funny! Painful to imagine, but funny. : )

  8. r

    looks like that record player needs a new needle :P

  9. EKMA

    at least the exit sign light works…that’s pretty rare in itself………

  10. moosester

    Tape a penny to the arm and squirt some WD40 on it and it’ll be fine.

  11. Erich

    the drive is already an replacement drive, it has a green sticker on it

  12. rKiller

    Cheap HDD LOL get a ssd

  13. paulc

    That sound is usually followed by the sound of a sledge hammer…..

  14. StzHtml

    Since 2000 haven’t had one to die yet, Thankfully. Now I know what to listen for Thanks. PS_ as for buying an SSD, @ 500Gb still can’t justify that expense. Running 4 500Gb drives using Win 7 Pro on an Intel DH sumpin’ , iCore 7 ( 1156 ) & 8 Gb ( 4 2gb stix Corsair ) memory….. so far so good

  15. GigaHz

    I bought a seagate hdd once, and this one works better. Thats why I buy Western Digital HDD’s. Seagate is crap.

  16. Cody

    Oh that makes me cringe. I’ve had one HD go down similar to that, such a sad day indeed.

  17. Kevalin

    Honey, that’s not just the last sound you want your hard drive to make. That’s the last sound you WILL hear that hard drive make!

  18. imanoldgoat

    Sounds like my old Victrola playing 78 RPM discs…when the steel needle breaks. I shed a tear to the memory. Thanks, Seagate. Oh, GigaHz- that’s why I use WD also. Baa!

  19. Alex R

    Get ready to spend hunderds of bucks trying to retreive you data if you don’t have a backup

  20. Keith

    Ok I just had an idea. The voltage isn’t high enough. What would happen if you gave that thing a little something special from an AC outlet? It wouldn’t hesitate then, I’ll bet. :——)

  21. GO DAWGS!

    That’s not a drive failing! That’s a woodpecker the size of a humming bird inside that hard drive! LET THE POOR FELLOW OUT!

  22. lizbit

    nah just stick it in the freezer a bit and it will work fine.

  23. Riker

    I had one go out with small pop, followed by the MOST pungent smell ever.

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