Friday Fun: Pirates – Arctic Treasure

By Akemi Iwaya on November 30th, 2012


In this week’s game a ‘cool’ adventure awaits as you and your merry band of pirates sail the Arctic seas in search of treasure. Work as quickly as you can using your trusty cutlass, explosives, and other items you find along the way to free up the treasure and sail away with riches untold.

Pirates – Arctic Treasure


The Level Selection Area is set up ‘treasure map style’ and will display more red Xs as you progress through the game.


The first level keeps things simple with a single treasure chest to free up. Move your mouse towards the chains and watch it switch from a pointing hand to a cutlass when you are close enough to start cutting the chains (left mouse click).


Cut the chains so that the treasure chest will swing out over an open section and drop into the water. Once it drops down into the water sit back and enjoy the show… Keep in mind that you will want to work as quickly as possible in order to get a higher score (based on the Score Time Clock in the upper left corner).


Your merry band of pirates is moving in to scoop up the treasure!


Got it!


Once your ship has scooped up the treasure you will be presented with your score for the level and total score for the game to that point. From here you can choose to replay the level, return to the Level Selection Area, or move on to the next level.


The second level starts adding additional items to the mix as you work to free up all that treasure…


You will also be able to chop through ice further into the game, but make sure to cut the chain first here. Good luck and have fun!


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Pirates – Arctic Treasure

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  • Published 11/30/12
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