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Those Were Simpler Times [Comic]

Back in the good old days…

Simpler Times [Jacob Andrews – For Lack of a Better Comic Blog]

Akemi Iwaya is a devoted Mozilla Firefox user who enjoys working with multiple browsers and occasionally dabbling with Linux. She also loves reading fantasy and sci-fi stories as well as playing "old school" role-playing games. You can visit her on Twitter and .

  • Published 11/30/12

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  1. A Fan


  2. Gramps

    I can remember a time when there weren’t no confounded “personal” computers and when a calculator was an actual person with an education in math.

    I can remember when television only had a handful of over the air stations and when the nearest remote control was your kid!

    I can remember when “web sites” were made by actual spiders!

    I can remember when a “troll” was something that sat on top of a writing instrument.

    Funny how things don’t change much.

  3. Sr. Wences

    In my day, we didn’t get that disembodied, slightly ticked-off voice saying `Doors closing.’ We got on the train, the doors closed, and if your hand was sticking out it scraped along the tunnel all the damn way to the next station and it was a bloody stump at the end.

    In my day, we didn’t have virtual reality. If a one-eyed razorback barbarian warrior was chasing you with an ax, you just had to hope you could outrun him.

    In my day, we didn’t have the space shuttle to get all excited about. We had to settle for men walking on the crummy moon.

    In my day, we didn’t have CRTs. If you played Trek on the computer, you had to kill a thousand trees and carry your game around on a big roll of paper.

    In my day, we didn’t have days. There was only “time for work,” “time for pray” and “time for sleep.” The sheriff would go around and tell everyone when to change.

    In my day, we didn’t have fake doggie-do. We only had real doggie-do, and no one thought it was a damn bit funny.

    In my day, we didn’t have water. We had to smash together our own hydrogen and oxygen atoms.

    Kids today think the world revolves around them. In my day, the sun revolved around the world, and the world was perched on the back of a giant tortoise.

    In the old days, nobody asked you to sign petitions on Facebook. The sheriff just came to your house and told you you was part of a posse.

  4. bluelord

    @ Sr. Wences, Gramps. love you guys.. ;) sniff sniff. those were the days..

  5. JahPickney

    @ Sr. Wences, Gramps

    Thanks, I needed that!

  6. Bag_over_his_head

    I do not have, and have never had, a cell phone.

  7. Ushindi

    I STILL hold my E-reader with my own two hands – no beaming for me!

  8. imanoldgoat

    I feel humbled. All I had to do was walk 20 miles through 6 feet of snow to get to the old schoolhouse, to have my knuckles split open by the old spinster schoolmarm using her hickory ruler. Baa!

  9. GGP Phil T

    @imanoldgoat, you wuz privileged! Back when I wuz young, we had to walk six miles uphill, through th’ snow, to th’ Local Liberry, just to read a ‘solid state, PageMos, (batteries not included) “Real Reality” Version 1, ‘Story-Book’! Then, we had to walk six miles uphill, through th’ snow, back home, wiv no shoes and a runny nose!! We culdn’t “Dowenloed” one of them muthers unless we had a Magic Liberry Card and the we had to carry the Version 1, ‘Story-Book’ six miles uphill, through th’ snow, back home!

    Yeah, the kids nowadays doant know how lucky they are!!

    Great GranPa PhilT.

  10. imanoldgoat

    GGP Phil T, I am humbled. Did you have zinc-carbon batteries, or did you use Franklin jars?

  11. Gramps

    I’m guessing my previous statement was lost on a few people. I’m guessing more than few people never had or saw a pencil “troll.”

  12. yjrnpppp

    Oh yes, zinc carbon batteries. In my day you could hook up a 12ac toy train transformer across a 1.5V zinc carbon battery and create quite the bomb after about 5 minutes of heating up.

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