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And You Were Wondering What Happened to All that Extra Disk Space [Humorous Image]

Perhaps you should run CCleaner a little more often…

I’ve used CCleaner on plenty of laptops, but this is a new record [via Reddit – Tech Support Gore]

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  • Published 11/23/12

Comments (13)

  1. Kevin

    Holy crap! Is that 40GB of temp files? Gee whiz.

  2. DevSubZeroX

    Now we know where he keeps all his porno’s @.

  3. Duh-Nuts

    Acrobat TEN?!


    Do you think maybe the fact that someone has IGNORANTLY installed those OUTDATED Adobe products just MIGHT have something to do with it?

    I’d really like to know if this “user” might be leaving windows open when pulling power on the system or possibly still has Java 5 or even Java 6 installed too!

    Not a day goes by when I don’t see one or more of these “dummies” also wonder why their car won’t start when they never put any gas in the tank either.

    It might be more funny if it weren’t so TRUE!

  4. Jrau18


    It also might be more funny if it were actually funny…

  5. clb92

    I once “lost” 650 GB’s of space on my hard drive. It turned out that I had accidentally pressed my “record with Fraps” shortcut key and Fraps had been recording my screen for somewhere between 1-3 hours in 1920×1200 at 30 fps.

  6. TonyNY177

    I also once had a case of vanishing hard drive space. One day my C: drive had about 75% free, and suddenly just 5% was free.

    I had no clue about the cause, but that’s when I got familiar with utilities that show your hard drive utilization, thus enabling me to discover that my Real Player directory had a single file of several hundred GBytes in size. That was easy to zap, of course. I should mention this happened several years ago and my purpose is not to criticize Real Player. But it goes to show you that any errant program could be responsible for your storage space disappearing. Also, as you notice your hard drive is filling up, don’t be so quick to run out to buy a larger one. It might be time to take a look “under the hood” and see what’s going on. Checking your hard drive utilization is far easier than buying and installing a larger hard drive.

  7. dusters16

    I had a customer come in complaining that they suddenly didn’t know why their hard drive was full. I ran ccleaner and they has the same problem as above. But, it was 350 gigs from 1 file in the temp folder. Never found out what it was, just showed the customer that they now had 90 % free space back

  8. Keith

    always keep them coming back. : )

  9. keren

    My husband reads his gmail in outlook

    It turned out that the gmail file was 25 Giga!!!!!

    We did not understand why there was no room in C all the time.

    I have fixed this now

  10. Arston

    I once cleaned 20 GB from a mate’s computer. Pretty much the same screen, just different cleaner.

  11. Dan

    I highly recommend Spacemonger if your drive is running low on space, it scans the full drive shows you what is taking up the space. I have used it on file servers for the last ~6 years.

  12. lizbit

    I prefer to do these things manually

  13. vrvz

    SpaceSniffer is really good one to check what’s taking up that space

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