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How to Enable Facebook Integration in Firefox


The latest version of Firefox adds support for native Facebook integration, however the setting to enable it is hidden in about:config. Here’s how to enable it.

How to Enable Facebook Integration in Firefox

Open Firefox and head over to about: config.


You will be given a sarcastic warning about voiding your warranty, just click on the I’ll be careful button to continue.


Now type social into the search box, you should see a setting called social.enabled which will initially have a value of false. Double click on it to set the value to true.


As soon as you do that you should see a Facebook bar appear on the right hand side of the Firefox Window, click on the Log In button.


This will redirect you to the Facebook website where you can go ahead and login.


Once logged in you will be able to see updates and notifications as well as who’s online directly from your browser, without having to visit the Facebook website.


That’s all there is to it.

Taylor Gibb is a Microsoft MVP and all round geek, he loves everything from Windows 8 to Windows Server 2012 and even C# and PowerShell. You can also follow him on Google+

  • Published 11/25/12

Comments (12)

  1. Meena Bassem

    i didn’t get i need to have facebook messenger installed on the computer first?

  2. Meena Bassem

    Oops, never mind, i was using firefox 16, after upgrading, works fine :)

  3. Gregg

    For the noobs – you need to type about:config in the address bar, it doesn’t work with a space between about: and config :)

  4. Areeb

    Good for social butterflies.

    I am still a Chrome user. I love firefox too. But I prefer chrome better.

  5. GigiAUT

    This reminds me of that Flock browser a few years ago. Actually, basically the same thing seeing as Flock was Firefox based.

  6. Robb

    Random question but what visual style is that he is using?

  7. Prasad Kumar

    Better to use Rockmelt browser which is chromium based and which has better integration not only with facebook, but many other services.

  8. DarkMan72

    @Robb – it’s not a visual style, it’s Firefox 17 under Windows 8. ;-) Ugly, isn’t it? :-)

  9. cj kuefler

    facebook didn t show up on the right for me when I tried to integrate it into firefox….
    Nothing ever works for me. Boo hoo..I checked it 4 times.

  10. Jack

    @DarkMan72 – I actually like the Windows 8 look, Aero was annoying and I always turned it off.

    @cj kuefler – Are you using Firefox 17?

  11. Jack

    Forgot to say, you can have Aero on in Windows 8 too if you want, it’s not removed like is widely believed.

  12. Anji

    from which version of firefox it supports..
    can any1 please tell me??

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