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When You are Asked to Help with Internet Issues [Comic]

We all know what that ‘first glance’ sinking feeling is like…

Internet issues (Kelly Angel – Anything About Nothing! Blog) [via Fail Desk]

Akemi Iwaya is a devoted Mozilla Firefox user who enjoys working with multiple browsers and occasionally dabbling with Linux. She also loves reading fantasy and sci-fi stories as well as playing "old school" role-playing games. You can visit her on Twitter and .

  • Published 11/20/12

Comments (15)

  1. indianacarnie

    :D Boy…. do I know that feeling!

  2. Asian Angel

    @indianacarnie – Indeed! ^_^ I have seen those toolbar nightmares more times than I care to think about… O_o

  3. I H8 8

    Ah! Tool bars. They should call them “FOOL bars”! (Thanks Yahoo! Thanks Google.)

    But then there’s junk like IE where IE could probably stand a more accurate renaming to “Idiots Express.”

    Those are not good combinations to begin with.

  4. NSDCars5

    My grandad last summer got a toolbar equivalent of a fake antivirus. Existing AVs can’t find it. Download new AVs, and the download will be blocked. Same for Revo Uninstaller. The “uninstall” feature is just for show. Everything requires you to pay (he didn’t want to, therefore he told me). Imagine how to beat that one.

  5. NSDCars5

    Simple. Copy Revo to a USB, and use it. :P

  6. Lantiis

    Yes… Haha! This is they history of my mom (and me unfortunately).

  7. Areeb

    If I see a toolbar on someone’s browser, I automatically assume he/she is a noob and knows nothing about computers :D

  8. I_dont_live_here

    i seen about almost 10 tool bars and they couldn’t even see what they were viewing. People make me sad sometimes…

  9. Yu

    I have been using PDF creator for years. Then, I wanted to install the most recent version when I got a new notebook. Turns out, that un-ticking the toolbar is ignored and the toolbar (“cairo search”) is hard to uninstall — while the bar may vanish, the startpage of firefox got set to the cairo page again and again.

    Because I had not finished the setup yet, I just reset the device to factory settings, but heck, what annoyance. So much for sourceforge as a trusted source of software :-(

  10. Yu

    I need an edit function :-(
    Apparently its not “cairo” but “claro”.

  11. Howard

    A friend of mine got tired of support calls from elderly relatives, so he build a Ubuntu Live DVD for each of them, and wiped Windoze. They can run Firefox, Thunderbird, and Libre Office, and not much else. The only things stored on their hard drives are data files.

    Initial complaints of “I can’t run/install [some popular program or plugin] on my system” are met with, “You don’t need it. Get over it.” The standard fix for pretty much any software problem is to reboot. Any suggestion of returning to Windoze is met with, “I don’t support Windoze, so you will be on your own.”

    The complaints about slowness/virii/malware/etc. have stopped. Patch-Tuesday problems are a thing of the past. Their systems just work.

    Of course, that doesn’t address privacy issues arising from doing stupid things on Facebook (or other problems due to the trend of moving everything to the “cloud”), but it’s a major improvement.

  12. Chemical

    At least in the picture they have Google for a homepage.

    I’ve seen homepages range from MyWebSearch Adware to obscure news pages with a search bar that they use to do searches on the internet.

  13. George

    Oh how I love thee, No toolbars for me. While they have a nice selection, I do wish they could expand even further.

  14. Frank

    McAfee – wonder why he’s hiding … ? Accidentally forgot to untick that in a download install like Glary Utilities or somesuch – then when I tried to remove it, it took me like a week of intensive effort to get rid of that sucker – it had reinstall files at so many system levels, multiple uninstallers kept getting ‘need [another] administrator password’ it even tried to ignore Unlocker – I just kept finding more and more, a multi-headed hydra indeed – so I’ll suggest you say no to that baby – just nasty !

  15. G

    Haha, this is why I run Linux & Chromium. Chrome/Chromium doesn’t like toolbars, and Linux is pretty much toolbar proof due to that toolbars are mainly windows .exe

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