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The Effects of Caffeine [Video]

Whether in a cup, a can, or a little bottle, millions of us slug back caffeinated beverages everyday. Check out this video to see how it effects your brain and why it keeps you alert.

Courtesy of Alex Dainis at Bite Sci-zed, we’re treated to a rather energetic look at the function of caffeine in the body.

Caffeine!! – Bite Sci-zed [via Geeks Are Sexy]

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  • Published 11/19/12

Comments (17)

  1. LadyFitzgerald

    Hi, I’m Jeannie, and I’m a caffeine addict.

    Caffeine is highly addictive. The curious thing is, it doesn’t give me a buzz, energy rufh, high, jitters, nothing. What it does do to me is increase urine production, cause heartburn (if I’ve had a lot), and, if I don’t get any caffeine after having it had it a short while, one whammer of a headache that would be worse than a migraine if it wasn’t for the lack of the nausea I get with migraines. Needless to say, I avoid caffeine like the plague.

  2. Xeno

    Fun video !

    A year ago I was basically depending on caffeine to keep me awake during a normal workday.
    It started at 1 red bull a day for just that little buzz, but I ended up at having 4 a day just so I could stay somewhat conscious.
    Then I decided to quit cold turkey, that day was horrible, I was fighting sleep all day long and was pretty much useless to anyone, but it got better so fast.
    Now a year later I haven`t touched a drop of caffeine since, and I`m less tired and have more energy than before I ever started :) and it`s also way easier to get to sleep.

  3. polaris

    The only reason why I watched the video is because I thought the girl was very pretty :)

  4. Trix

    I <3 this girl! Fun, informative and a pleasant watch to accompany my morning coffee break :)

  5. Techminator

    She should slow down. Most of what she said went over my head. Pointless video.

  6. jonas

    so which has the better effect? good or bad?

  7. MrWild8


  8. MrWild8

    Caffeine Buzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. bedlamb

    Interesting video.

    The girl looks like she could be the twin of one of my nieces.

  10. Ushindi

    She’s got several videos on YouTube – she’s fun to watch.

  11. MadasaBat

    I switched her off after 15 seconds, the superciliousness was too much. If I wanted to be talked down to, I’d talk to my wife.

  12. Myflight72510

    It isn’t that she talks to fast, you probably don’t have enough caffeine in your system to be able to keep up.

    Both my daughters talk like that even when they don’t have any caffeine in them. The maddening part is that they talk to each other like that at the same time. No amount of caffeine can make me able to keep up with them both.

  13. Dic

    Her problem is not caffeine, either too much or not enough; it’s an overdose of steroid.

  14. Dic

    Her problem is not caffeine, either too much or not enough; could be an overdose of steroid.

  15. carlos

    Caffeine Possessed……..

  16. Auto

    Excessive amounts of caffeine casuse your incisors (teeth.. not the other incisors) to recede to the back of your mouth…….. and by the way, guess how many time she changed her blouse during this entire video…… Very good. If you got it wrong, have another cup of coffee.

  17. Auto

    Her next video………… what is her name anyway…….. don’t wanna know… I’ll call her…. “Dowanna”

    Should I have dental work done or is this why I’m so damn sexy?

    Please vote:



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