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When Your Anti-Virus has an Identity Crisis [Humorous Image]

Looks like it is going to be one of those days…

Sanity Check [The Daily WTF]

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  • Published 11/16/12

Comments (11)

  1. Erik

    Oh geeeezzzzz….
    And I’m a big fan of Avast, too.
    This is embarassing.

  2. Superevil

    Sounds like something Avast would do

  3. Areeb

    That’s what happens when the staff uploads definitions in a high as a kite condition :D

  4. NSDCars5

    I take that seriously. Once updating Avast caused my system to crash. Seriously. I had to reinstall XP on my netbook after that.

  5. Duh!

    That’s why they want you to PAY FOR IT!

    Maybe now is the time to try something else?

  6. Ushindi

    Since I’m an Avast user, I’m just going to pretend I didn’t see this…lol

  7. timw128

    Have been using avast! Internet Security for years and have never had an issue, nor an attack that got through. Use both Windows XP Professional SP3 x86 and Windows 7 Professional SP1 x64.
    A little heavy on the system, perhaps, but if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.
    MCITP certified.

  8. Chemical

    Avast did a great job of rendering multiple Windows XP machines useless a few years ago. AVG and McAfee also had their share of botched updates. Webroot has proved to be great and is the ever reliable Microsoft Security Essentials.

  9. drp6149

    I’ve never had a problem with Avast until Fri (Nov 16, 2012) when the FBI ransom virus got past it and locked up everything–Ctrl-Alt-Del brought up a screen but when I clicked on anything it just disappeared–I tride safe mode and it came up for about 2-3 sec and then went back to the FBI screen
    After doing internet research I booted to command prompt with networking and was able to ger into C:\Windows\Prefetch and removed a large file that was started at approximately the same time as the problem started and have been able to use the computer again–how ever it inactivated Avast and I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled it twice and used recovery to go back a week and I’m still having problems so tomorrow I’ll reformat the hard drive and reinstall everything.
    I had downloaded some e-books the night before and allowed the site to install a downloader named “Akamai Netsession Interface and the next morning It seemed to be interfereing with some other stuff and when I went into msconfig to keep it from loading at startup and rebooted it started up again and had changed msconfig to allow it to load everytime I rebooted.
    I got hit with The FBI Ransom malware as I was uninstalling it –don’t know if there is any connection or not but it sure seems suspicious.

  10. RA

    I use avast too and never have had any problems with it.

  11. lizbit

    Not sure what he was up to but I’ve been using Avast for years and it works well, never had system crashes or any funny business, I absolutely love its boot scan.

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