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The Problem with Owning a Tablet [Comic]

Peripherals, peripherals, peripherals!

New Tablet Computer – The Doghouse Diaries Blog [via Fail Desk]

Akemi Iwaya is a devoted Mozilla Firefox user who enjoys working with multiple browsers and occasionally dabbling with Linux. She also loves reading fantasy and sci-fi stories as well as playing "old school" role-playing games. You can visit her on Twitter and .

  • Published 11/15/12

Comments (13)

  1. gyffes

    Yeah, that prettymuch sums up my position vis tablets: my iPhone’s fab, a computer that fits in my pocket. The iPad? notsomuch, made worse b/c the smudges I put up with on the phone are more obvious on the larger, clearer screen.

    And thumbtyping on the ipad is such a nuisance.

    Gimme a good lappie anyday.

  2. indianacarnie


  3. Jrau18

    Thumb typing isn’t so bad on the iPad if you split the keyboard. But I rarely do that anyway. If you’re in a situation where you need to, then you probably shouldn’t be typing.

  4. Bob

    So true.

  5. NSDCars5

    Exactly why I got a laptop than a Surface Pro.

  6. Digi-Dummy

    If you just have to have tactile feedback by touching a screen you can still do it without purchasing a tablet. Just convert what you have now for a few bucks from somewhere like EBay. Basically, you get a transparent digitizer that goes over your entire screen. It ends up acting something like a giant PDA that works very much like a touch pad. These things are often named differently but I’ve seen them from anywhere around $20 all the way to like $200 depending on your screen size, seller, etc.

    So with a little bit of effort it seems silly to even consider an expensive computer tablet like an iPad when it’s possible to have way more computing power in a traditional laptop or even a desktop by simply adding the touch screen “hack”. And unless you need serious resolution like if you were an artist or something, most tablets really aren’t any better to begin with. So why pay the money?

    (Didn’t HTG even do an article on this once upon a time? Cause I know I read about it somewhere.)

    Funny how “everything old is new again.”

  7. David

    Digi-Dummy, Ill sum up the why in one word: Marketing!

  8. 4G Reaper

    Sometimes you want a portable gaming/media consumption device, in which case a 7″ tablet is awesome. Fits the gap between smartphone and laptop. Still small enough to be easily portable or held with one hand, yet large enough to be better than a phone screen for viewing.

  9. Mansoor Khan

    People buy tablets just because they can.

  10. Kevalin

    I love my 7″ Tab because I can check my email or watch movies in bed and play stupid games while hanging out at the local coffee shop. But when it comes to getting any real work done, I’m all about my real computer (or laptop, if I need to be on the road)–and I always will be.

  11. dwn

    I fell into that trap too – turns out I’d rather just get a laptop with a touchscreen – runs all my good software, and is all around more usable. What’s the point if i end up spending all my time converting my tablet into a modular laptop?

  12. thesilentman

    Yeah, I can’t really argue with this. I don’t care about the fancy shmancy tablets, JUST GIVE ME A FRAKKING COMPUTER! That has a file system and all the other goodiness that most people seem to think a tablet has.


  13. CJ

    Amen bro! My Android phone will do anything & everything I could possibly need or want a tablet for, AND it fits in my pocket. Hell, with the fantastic voice input, emailing and such is (if anything) faster on my Droid than my computer. If I can’t do it on my phone, I want a real friggin computer anyway!! Phone, Laptop, Tower. I can’t imagine wanting or needing more devices.

    iFad and all the other tablets are mostly… yeah. That.

    I am not running down the creators of the iPad, or other tablets. Far from it! As usual, Apple proved it’s fantastic design, sublime engineering, and masterful execution. In short, an amazing achievement that no one would have believed possible just a few years ago. But today a tablet simply has few practical uses that are not better served by another device. Or served near as well by a more convenient/portable device.

    One wonders… since Steve Jobs had to leave us… (I heard he got a gig designing a better GUI for higher level users)… who will the next evolution come from? Who will create the cortical implants we will undoubtedly all have in a decade or so?

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