Earlier this week we asked you if you’d cut the cable and switched to alternate media sources to get your movie and TV fix. You responded and we’re back with a What You Said roundup.

One of the recurrent themes in reader comments and one, we must admit, we didn’t expect to see with such prevalence, was the number of people who had ditched cable for over-the-air HD broadcasts. Fantasm writes:

I have a triple HD antenna array, mounted on an old tv tower, each antenna facing out from a different side of the triangular tower. On tope of the tower are two 20+ year old antennas… I’m 60 miles from toronto and get 35 channels, most in brilliant HD…
Anything else, comes from the Internet…
Never want cable or sat again…

Grant uses a combination of streaming services and, like Fantasm, manages to pull in HD content with a nice antenna setup:

We use Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, Crackle, and others on a Roku as well as OTA on a Tivo Premier. The Tivo is simply the best DVR interface I have ever used. The Tivo Netflix application, though, is terrible, and it does not support Amazon Prime. Having both boxes makes it easy to use all of the services.

Things we really miss from satellite: Discovery Channel, Science Channel, History Channel, BBC America (OK only really Top Gear) and Cartoon Network. There is no shortage of things to watch, but there are a few things we want to see that we cannot. The bill is enough less, though, that it is worth it.

The closest city is only about 60,000 people, and that is almost 20 miles away, but I still get over 40 channels from 4 different states with a really big antenna, some of them from 109 miles away.

Geoff uses an array of devices hooked up to streaming services to get his media fix:

My family cut the cable almost 2 years ago and we haven’t looked back. I have a roof mounted antenna and get 13 channels OTA. We use a Roku for Netflix, Youtube (was able to get the private channel before Roku shut it off) and HBOGo in the bedroom and use a Wii for Netflix in the living room. Netflix provides plenty of kids shows for our children. We made this decision because I was unemployed and couldn’t justify the $70/month for TV. The only thing I miss cable for is the live sporting events.

Reading through the comments one thing becomes abundantly clear: between the introduction of over-the-air digital broadcasts and streaming internet video sources, fewer people than ever feel the need to keep $100+ cable packages. Hit up the full discussion thread for more comments.

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