The Island of Lost Apple Products

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By Jason Fitzpatrick on November 8th, 2012

While Apple has has a mountain of commercial successes, every once in awhile the crew in Cupertino strikes out. Here are some of the less successful and prematurely retired Apple products from the last two decades.

Courtesy of Wired, we find nine of the least favorably received products in the Apple portfolio. Pictured here, the QuickTake Camera:

Life Span: 1994 – 1997

Back in 1994, Apple was actually at the forefront of digital photography. The QuickTake Camera’s photos (640 x 480 at 0.3 megapixels) were borderline unusable for anything other than your Geocities homepage. But technology has to start somewhere.

Still, Apple killed the line after just three years. And while the iPhone and other smartphones have replaced most people’s digital cameras, Apple could have had a reaped the benefits of the digital point-and-shoot salad years.

Why It Failed: Steve Jobs streamlined Apple’s product lines from 15 to four when he returned to the company. The QuickTake was a victim of that streamlining.

Hit up the link below for the rest of the products.

The Island of Lost Apple Products [Wired Gadget Lab]

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  • Published 11/8/12
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