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Just Stop It Adobe! Now!!! [Comic]

Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!

far from home – Abstruse Goose Blog [via Fail Desk]

Akemi Iwaya is a devoted Mozilla Firefox user who enjoys working with multiple browsers and occasionally dabbling with Linux. She also loves reading fantasy and sci-fi stories as well as playing "old school" role-playing games. You can visit her on Twitter and .

  • Published 11/8/12

Comments (29)

  1. Dave

    A much better question would be: Why are you using Adobe Reader??

  2. Odin

    what else?

  3. PaulWall

    SumatraPDF all the way baby

  4. Areeb

    I stopped using Adobe Reader a long time ago. I started using Foxit, works like a charm, really fast in opening documents.

    And after I upgraded to Windows 8 Pro, Windows Reader takes care of things!

  5. dima

    Foxit Reader FTW

  6. ardilloloco

    word … foxit FTW!

  7. Ruja

    SumatraPDF is great. Foxit is too, but I prefer SumatraPDF by far.

  8. Dave

    I submitted the first post above. My choice (and I know it’s not well-known) is PDF Xchange Viewer ( In addition to being fast to open and having a good Search function, it allows me to type on, highlight, draw on, attach “sticky notes” to, and similarly modify .pdf files. For instance, when I pay my credit card e-statement (which comes in .pdf) I put on a “sticky” noting the date, account & confirmation number, and this is then saved as part of the file. Or I can type on and print a form even if it is not a “fillable” .pdf. All this is in the free version. Maybe Sumatra and Foxit do this too – I haven’t tried them for awhile.

  9. LadyFitzgerald

    I use Adobe Acrobat Standard (the full program, not the reader) since I have to have it on my computer anyway for making PDFs (virtual printers don’t always do what I need, such as PDFs of non-standard page sizes).

  10. Chemical

    Google Chrome opens PDF’s.

    I used to use Sumatra, I recommend it over Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader.

  11. Adobe Free

    You think that’s funny?! Try dealing with the elephant in the room – Reader!

    The funny part is that no one has to live with either one of them. And yet…

  12. Christoffer

    I like Okular better.

  13. LadyFitzgerald

    Actually, it’s easy to stop Adobe reader from phoning home. Just block outbound transmissions from Adobe in the firewall.

  14. MD Minhazul Haque


  15. Paul

    I used to love Foxit until I tried SumatraPDF… and saw the light. SumatraPDF > Foxit > Adobe Reader.

  16. NSDCars5

    Chrome + Google Docs > Adobe

  17. Andrey

    Acrobat é muito vulnerável e por causa da sua popularidade, é muito explorado também.

  18. Andrey

    Acrobat is very vulnerable and because of its popularity, is very well explored.

  19. Overlord

    PDF Xchange Viewer… always!

  20. Asian Angel

    PDF XChange Viewer is the only one for me. ^_^

    If I find Adobe Reader set up on any of my family’s computers I immediately exterminate it.

  21. kelltic

    I see there’s a few of us who use the best: PDF XChange Viewer.

  22. rino19ny

    i used to like Foxit Reader but over the years, it has grown fatter.

    still looking for a lean, mean PDF reader…..

  23. Will

    I use Nitro PDF

  24. John

    I see several claims for best non-adobe pdf reader here… Let me set something straight:

    If all you need from a pdf reader is to READ pdf files, both in and out of your web browser, the absolute best choice (on Windows, at least) is Sumatra PDF. It’s pretty much bare-bones and MUCH MUCH less memory/cpu intensive than anything else available, and it works perfectly. I’m so happy I found it and was able to get rid of the enormous collection of bloat from Adobe.

  25. Paul

    Foxit wins! (cross-platform)

    And if Adobe Reader seems problematic (phone home), why in the world is anyone using Google Chrome!!!

  26. edmenje

    PDF XChange when installed on local HDD, Sumatra Portable for my flash drives/external HDDs when using a machine with no reader installed and no admin permissions to install.

  27. Dave

    I too use PDF XChange Viewer and find it far superior to any others I have tried.

  28. donebb

    I like Nitro PDF. Works great for what I need. Quit using Reader a long time ago because it seemed like it was calling home every day.

  29. John

    We should leave it at this:

    SumatraPDF – if you just need to be able to view PDF files, both in and out of browsers (bare bones)

    PDF XChange – for manipulating and reading PDFs (feature-rich)

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