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How to Disable the Animations on the Windows 8 Start Screen

Who doesn’t love animations? They make everything look so cool. But in some cases, animations are a distraction, and the same is true for Windows 8’s start screen (the “Modern UI”). Fortunately, there’s a very simple way to disable all those animations. Keep reading to find out how it’s done.

The animations are especially noticeable when you switch from the good ol’ peaceful desktop to the start screen by pressing the winkey. I don’t know about you, but it feels like I’m getting dizzy by watching all those crazy animations over and over again.

People have found out ways to enhance the start screen animations, add delay to various elements and stuff like that. But we’re going the other way, disabling the animations completely. To do so, log in, and when the start screen appears, type “Computer” (it will pop up in the search results before you’ve even finished typing).

Right click it, and click Properties.

Click “Advanced System Settings”.

Click “Settings” under the performance section.

Uncheck the first option, i.e. “Animate controls and elements inside windows”, and press OK.

This will disable the start screen animation that you see when you log in, and when you switch to the start screen by pressing the Windows key. Now press the windows key and switch to the start screen. It feels fast, doesn’t it? However, you still might notice a little bit of animation in the start screen (the start screen background fades in when you switch to it, but it’s not that intimidating).

So if you want this fade animation removed, uncheck the second option as well, i.e. “Animate windows when maximizing minimizing and maximizing”. But it is recommended no to do so, because it disables almost all animations from the start screen and it disables the desktop’s Aero animations as well. So you’re left with a chunky and not-so-smooth Windows 8. No more fading menus or windows, no animations at all. A few animations are good, but not too much. After all, it’s your choice!

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  • Published 12/6/12

Comments (5)

  1. Ken

    Everything on Windows 8 is so hidden away.

  2. James

    Ken: Yeah, you’re right, it’s odd to think that something that’s part of the computer be “hidden” under computer, and subsequently visual effects. Whouda thunk to look under there? Damn the obvious!!

  3. Yoshiyah

    Actually this has existed in Windows as early as 3.x. You essentially accessed it the same. Right Clicking “Computers” and choosing “Properties”

    Always could either adjust Windows Performance, or Let Microsoft choose the best option for Performance.

  4. Djblois

    This usually helps with battery life as well.

  5. Teun

    Stop complaining its the same as in XP and 7.

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