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Curiosity’s Official Self-Portrait

NASA has released a high-resolution self portrait of Curiosity. The photo, a composite of images snapped by the rover’s agile arm and MAHLI camera, shows Curiosity in front of Mount Sharp.

From the NASA release:

The mosaic shows the rover at “Rocknest,” the spot in Gale Crater where the mission’s first scoop sampling took place. Four scoop scars can be seen in the regolith in front of the rover.

The base of Gale Crater’s 3-mile-high (5-kilometer) sedimentary mountain, Mount Sharp, rises on the right side of the frame. Mountains in the background to the left are the northern wall of Gale Crater. The Martian landscape appears inverted within the round, reflective ChemCam instrument at the top of the rover’s mast.

Self-portraits like this one document the state of the rover and allow mission engineers to track changes over time, such as dust accumulation and wheel wear. Due to its location on the end of the robotic arm, only MAHLI (among the rover’s 17 cameras) is able to image some parts of the craft, including the port-side wheels.

Hit up the link below for the full-resolution image.

High-Resolution Self-Portrait by Curiosity Rover Arm Camera [NASA]

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  • Published 11/5/12

Comments (4)

  1. Irish_IT

    Anyone else notice the odd shoe print like features on the left?? *rolls eyes*

  2. wally

    You mean the four “scoop scars” that NASA mentions in the first two lines?

  3. Coosa

    Where is the arm holding the camera? Should it be protruding off screen somewhere? Obviously the arm with the carema looking attatchment by the closest wheel didn’t take this photo.

  4. wally

    It’s a mosaic of 55 images, The robotic arm comes out of the front near the wheel that’s in the bottom center of the image. If you look at the full size image where the robotic arm is attached you can see it has blurry bits where the individual images didn’t match up to the ones next to each other due to the arm moving to take all of the pictures.

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