Gmail Rolls Out New Compose Features

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By Jason Fitzpatrick on October 31st, 2012

Gmail has several new features that make it even easier to compose email messages including pop-over compositions windows (similar to the Google Chat window), contact profile pictures in the address box, and drag and drop address switching.

If you’ve ever had to open two separate windows in order to continually tab back and forth so you could reference one email while composing another, you’ll certainly appreciate the new pop-over compose window that allows you to work within Gmail while keeping a small email composition window open in the corner–as seen in the screenshot above.

In addition to that major change, Gmail has also introduced contact photos in the address suggestion window (making it easier than ever to make sure you’re selecting the right recipient) and the ability to drag and drop addresses between the To:, CC:, and BCC: address slots.

Introducing the New Compose in Gmail [The Official Gmail Blog]

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  • Published 10/31/12
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