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Retro Ad – 10 MB Hard-Drive for $3398 [Image]

This is definitely one hard-drive (and price) that you will not be feeling nostalgic over!

View the Full-Size Version of the Ad (Image)

The Hard Disk you’ve been waiting for. [via Fail Desk]

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  • Published 10/17/12

Comments (12)

  1. Keith

    I was looking at my collections of photos and docs, and neither would fit onto that drive–not even close– and I have a *small* collection, compared to others! : )

  2. yoyoweb

    What is the date of the picture please ?

  3. George


    And I found this:

  4. phillip

    I would guess late 70’s early 80s.

  5. gyffes

    So, early 90s, I bought a 45mb external drive — in a case larger than the MacMini — for $450, and considered it a helluva good buy!

    Now I’m carrying a 32gb flash drive that cost me $20 and is so small I’m constantly in danger of losing it off my keychain.

    Progress is wild.

  6. Paul

    Keep it in perspective, people. Back then, data was not the megabytes of info that we have today. Nobody back then had digital photos, or MP3 files, or digital videos. Everything was just documents, which typically were around 50 KB or less. Therefore, 10 MB was waaaaaaay more than enough to handle anything thrown at it.

  7. divotdog

    Just for perspective: our business bought a 10 mg IBM computer for $5000 + in 1983 and we thought we had entered big time computer use. We used it (with dial up connection) to facilitate remote typesetting for our monthly mag.

  8. Ushindi

    You’ll also notice there’s a discount for quantity purchases, so you can save money the more you buy.
    (Sort of the way my ex approached “saving money”.)

  9. bedlamb

    @ divotdog

    How much data in a milligram?
    Just kidding…. Sometimes typoes are funny too.

  10. Little John

    I remember my first hard drive 20 Mb, cost $200 in 1984. This was mail order, local stores where asking about $350 for same drive. Full height, 5 1/2″ drive which weigh good 10 lbs. Remember, DOS would fit on single disk, 360 Kb. WordStar program was about 350 Kb, the data files were less 2 or 3 Kb. I install the hard drive myself, then I make the hard drive boot drive by installing DOS with special format to copy the boot files onto the drive, then copy MS-Dos files onto the hard drive. You edited the config.ini file and autoexec.bat to load drivers and settings to load expanded & extended memory.
    Setup Files and buffers and mouse driver. Loaded special program, which listed the programs and letter to press to load the program to run. When you exit the program the menu would return waiting to load other software package or DOS commands. Then in the late 80’s, we started to see larger programs. WordPerfect 5.1 took 4x 1.4 3 1/4 floppies to load on hard drive to make the program run. More programs where getting larger with multi-disks to install, Word took set of 32 disks. Then the CD disk drive was need to install software and coding was getting more complex but simple to use.

  11. Pal

    About a hundred years ago I was country manager for Tandy Computers (Radio Shack) in Holland. I do remember those much to high prices. The investments in office computers by all kinds of companies was enorm. The machines where bought by the thousends, almost without software, they had to write there own software except for the trsdos. It all changes a bit!

  12. green

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