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Reasonable Prices? [Comic]

Reasonable Price [Manu Cornet – Bonkers World Blog]

Akemi Iwaya is a devoted Mozilla Firefox user who enjoys working with multiple browsers and occasionally dabbling with Linux. She also loves reading fantasy and sci-fi stories as well as playing "old school" role-playing games. You can visit her on Twitter and .

  • Published 10/10/12

Comments (15)

  1. Inferno

    That is 100% true for me lol.

  2. Toby

    you can’t pirate food in the same fashion you can software.. hence that attitude in a lot of people.

  3. san

    F@ck yeah lets spread consumerism!

  4. Jeremy

    If an app is truely useful and not just fluff, then I can see giving $5-10 for it.

  5. andyr354

    Another common one:

    What! You want me to pay you $50 for spending 5 hours to clean up the 500 fake AVs on my system. That’s robbery!

  6. Hippy Dippy

    Some of you are looking at this all wrong. It’s all about necessity and “free markets”! For example:

    You need food (water and shelter) or you will die! You also need clothing or you can’t be a member of society. But you don’t need that app or even that phone – or Windows 8. (And please don’t confuse desire for need either.)

    Got it?

    “Free Markets” only work when prices are fair! Problem is, not too many software producers (like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs) really know what the definition of what fair is; either that or else their products might not be as expensive as they are. You might even say that most large companies don’t know what the definition of what fair is either. Because if they did then the world economy might not be in such shambles as it is. Of course, this is a two-way street too since there does seem to be a plethora of over-indulged consumers who will nearly throw their money away for the latest trinkets and fads.

    Just lately, I’ve been asking if people really need that new iPhone 5. Because I look at the lines and I don’t know whether to laugh the these fools who stand there like sheep waiting to be fleeced or cry over the economic ripple effects they are making.

    BTW, I say “fool” due to an old saying which states: a fool and his money are soon parted.

  7. gyffes

    On the other hand, I WON’T charge you $75/hr for every hour the scanners run over your infested machine, so I’m STILL cheaper than the repair guys.

  8. Shardul Seth

    But can you make the same meal and serve it to 100000 customers.. That is why $2 *may* be ridiculous while $70 may not be ;-)

  9. toucan

    if you made the same meal yourself at home it would probably cost about $7

  10. NSDCars5

    My favorite meal: 2-minute noodles ($2)
    My favorite app: Temple Run ($nothing)

  11. 4G Reaper

    @NSDCars5, Gotta love them noodles. :)

    My favorite meal: Chili (almost as cheap as cup noodles if you calculate it per serving)
    My favorite app: Riptide GP ($2.99) Considering how much I’ve dumped into the arcade game Hydro Thunder, it’s totally worth it.

  12. Larry Z

    Food is a tangible item and is essential for life. Intellectual property should be free. At least mine is.

  13. Lee

    But ‘intellectual property’ is how some people make their living…so it shouldn’t be free.

    Also, though food is necessary for survival, there is both cheap food (necessity) and more expensive ‘gourmet’ food (more of a luxury)

  14. Kevalin

    Nothing is free… it’s just that sometimes the upfront cost is invisible.

  15. Kevalin

    Nothing is free… it’s just that, sometimes, the upfront cost is invisible to the receiver.

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