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Hurricanes Since 1851 [Visualization]

Much like you can map out volcanic eruptions to create a neat pattern around the Pacific Ring of Fire, you can also map out hurricanes and tropical storms. Check out this high-resolution visualization to see the pattern formed by a century and a half of storms.

Courtesy of UXBlog and data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the above projection shows the path of tropical storms around the equator (the perspective, if the map looks unfamiliar to you, is bottom up with Antarctica and the lower portion of South America in the center). For a full resolution copy of the image and more information about how it was rendered, hit up the link below.

Hurricanes Since 1851 [via Cool Infographics]

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  • Published 10/10/12

Comments (5)

  1. r

    ♫…”Here I am, rock you like a hurricane ” !

  2. John Nelson

    Your example of this being similar to a global map of volcanoes to see the ring of fire, check out a runner-up, which achieves the same result with earthquakes since 1898…

  3. Jonathon

    Am I the only one who thinks that it looks like an eye?

  4. bedlamb

    @ Jonathon

    Considering the popularity of this page, and therefore the large number of people whom we may safely assume have seen the picture, it’s highly doubtful that you are the only one.
    In order to put it to rest, I’ll simply express agreement. It looks like an eye.

    Thanx for mentioning it. I hadn’t noticed.

  5. Asumodeusu

    the eye of god?

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