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Viewing the Future Through the ‘Eyes of the Past’ [Humorous Image]

Really makes you feel nostalgic, eh?

You can access the full-size version to get a better view of the upper right corner here.

O_O This is a close approximation of the original title of the post. [via Reddit – Tech Support Gore]

Akemi Iwaya is a devoted Mozilla Firefox user who enjoys working with multiple browsers and occasionally dabbling with Linux. She also loves reading fantasy and sci-fi stories as well as playing "old school" role-playing games. You can visit her on Twitter and .

  • Published 10/9/12

Comments (7)

  1. Still Fighting the Power

    “Nostalgic”? For what? The Browser? The OS? “BIG BROTHER”?!

    I’m sorry, I must have missed something. I never really liked the idea of any company making money off what I (and others) do on a public network. And I especially don’t miss my privacy being unknowingly violated when it comes to email either. Personally, I never signed up for GMail or any of Googles other “products.” And now, especially after Google’s somewhat recent “policy change”, I almost never use their search engine. About the only thing I have to do with Google – a.k.a. “Big Brother” – is when I watch YouTube videos.

    So I suppose, I don’t miss anything about the “good old days” when mega corporations made billions of dollars off unsuspecting digital sheep wandering the Internet. These days, any time I’m forced to allow even a piece of Google Java script to run I’m sure kill all cookies, revoke any new settings, clear all caches, scan for bad code and even reboot afterwards just for good measure. Yes! Google and countless other “services” are just that slimy! And I don’t miss a darn thing about them – they’ve only got worse!

    So if I’m nostalgic for anything, I suppose it’s for the simpler days – before computers and especially before our modern day Internet and all the little slime balls who want to control it – like Congress (who are really only trying to appease the even more shady low-lifes such as the MPAA and RIAA)!

  2. peter

    AOL Keyword ‘Google’

  3. AJ

    I’m not really sure what we are supposed to be nostalgic about, either. The browser is old (AOL), but Chrome was only created a few years ago, so this photo isn’t really “looking back” very far at all. I wish I had saved that article published in 2008 about Twitter dying out in a year, though.

  4. Asian Angel

    @AJ – The mention of ‘nostalgia’ was meant in a humourous way with a touch of sarcasm. ^_^ What made this image stand out to me was using AOL to search for Google (upper right corner) just to access Gmail. ^_^

  5. Paul

    Well, if this was meant to be humorous, it failed. Nothing funny, nor nostalgic, here.
    I get the using AOL to find Google thing though.
    I still use Internet Explorer to download Firefox.

  6. indianacarnie

    I got it :)

  7. bedlamb

    @ Asian Angel

    Thanx. I was bemused. Now, with your explanation, I see the humor.

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