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Smart Phones Shockingly Energy Efficient; Lead to Decreased Household Power Consumption

Given how often our smart phones and tablets spend plugged in and topping off their battery reserves, it’s easy to assume they’re sucking down a lot of power. Analysis shows the lilliputian but powerful devices are surprisingly efficient and may be decreasing our overall power consumption.

Courtesy of energy-centric blog Outlier, we’re treated to a look at the power sipping habits of popular smart phones and mobile devices. The simple take away? They use shockingly little electricity over the course of the year–you can charge your new iPhone for a year of regular usage for under a buck. The more complex analysis? The proliferation of tiny and energy efficient devices is displacing heavier energy consumers (large televisions, desktop computers, etc.) and driving a more efficient gadget-to-consumption ratio is many households. Hit up the link below to read the full post.

How Much Does It Take to Charge an iPhone [via Mashable]

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  • Published 10/9/12

Comments (8)

  1. Murphy

    Looks like a promotion of the IPhone5 over Samsung. ;)

    Also if people charge at work it will reduce their power consumption at home. :)

  2. franco09

    You mean to say I could save 12 cents a year if i switched to iPhone?!?!?! OMG im breaking my contract and switching right now! lol

  3. penywyse

    As Murphy states… Most of the times I charge my cellphone and my tab at work… since I keep them synchronizing all the time.

  4. JohnM

    Now if they could only figure out a way to keep that tiny amount of power in the phone longer

  5. TracerXL

    Sure the iPhone 5 charge saves you 12 cents a year or does it?

    Samsung Galaxy S3 talk time – 21 hours (2G)
    Apple iPhone 5 talk time – 8 hours (2G)

    Samsung Galaxy S3 talk time – 11 hours 40 min (3G)
    Apple iPhone 5 talk time – 8 hours (3G)

  6. 4G Reaper

    I charge mine at work because it gets me more on time than if I charge it at night. (If I charge it at night, I actually have to top it off halfway through the day.)

  7. Kenny

    These meters don’t look very even…

  8. Pogo 42

    Oh goody. With savings like this I am truly on my wy to my first $mill. Should only take a couple of trillion years. What utter rubbish. Come on HTG there are more interesting items that could have been written. Just not your usual standard

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