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OSU Marching Band Delivers Impressive Half-Time Tribute to Video Games

This Saturday, during the Ohio State-Nebraska game halftime, the Ohio State University marching band paid tribute to decades of popular video games in an impressively choreographed 10 minute show.

The video starts off a little shaky, but once the crowd settles down to watch the show things get significantly smoother. How many of the games do you recognize?

[via Reddit]

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  • Published 10/8/12

Comments (10)

  1. Whitson Gordon

    Pfffft, Ohio State. Whatever.

    GO BLUE!

    (Okay but actually, this is pretty sweet).

  2. franz dibbler

    Double Go Blue! Have to admit this is really cool.

  3. Victor

    The best damn band in the land. You guys will be blue on 11/24/12. O-H!

  4. player

    Very impresive. I got

    Mario, bowsers castle, space invaders, halo, tetris. The horse was impressive but dont know what game it was?

  5. Shawn


    The horse was really impressive. Almost was good as the TEAM!!!! 62 – 38!

  6. Bren

    The horse is from Zelda- Twilight Princess ;) Awesome tribute!

  7. bedlamb

    So, does this mean that OSU moved from Oregon to Ohio?
    It reminds me of the Los Angeles Rams move. …Or the Lakers, if you follow b-ball.


  8. ITMonkey


    I – O!

  9. Beep

    Still, doesn’t really hold a candle to Rice Univ. marching band’s uber dorky ‘Nilla Wafer followed by The Zero. [they looked suspiciously the same :) ]

  10. MaineMann76

    I’m member of the famous Marching 100 of Florida A&M University and I have to say that this was very impressive from Ohio State. #GoRattlers!!

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