Once a week we round up some of the tips and tricks you mail in and share them with everyone. This week we’re looking at monitoring your Android device’s battery, DIY camera stabilizers, and a handy Chrome tool for tidying up web pages.

Monitor Your Battery with Battery Doctor

Alfred writes in with the following Android-centric tip:

I’ve tested a bunch of battery apps and found them all lacking in some way or another. Battery Doctor has so many features it’s crazy. Not only can you do the obvious stuff like see the power consumption of various apps but you can track your charge/discharge cycles over time, check estimated battery life remaining based on what kind of tasks you want to do, and more. Not bad for a free app!

Not bad indeed, thanks for sharing Alfred!

DIY Camera Stabilizer from PVC Pipe

Rick writes in with the following camera/camcorder tip:

I love dinking around with camera rigs and new setups, I came across this setup recently and took it for a whirl with my camcorder, it worked really well. All you need are some PVC pipes and basic bolt ‘n washer type stuff from the local hardware.

PVC is cheap enough and, if you don’t glue the pieces right away, easy enough to salvage for a new build. Looks like a fun weekend project. Thanks for sharing!

Clean Up Web Pages with Page Eraser

Belle writes in with the following Chrome tip:

If you’re looking to clean up a page but you don’t want to go through the hassle of adding every single element to your adblocking list, Page Eraser is a quick way to clean up an ugly page. You just turn it on and erase the crap you don’t want to see. It’s easy!

Easy indeed, whether it’s just an eyesore or you’re trying to clean it up for a screenshot that’s certainly a quick way to go about it. Nice find.

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