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Field Trip Automatically Alerts You to Local Places of Interest

Android: Field Trip is a free mobile app that acts like a local tour guide, alerting you to landmarks, historical sites, and unique local attractions. A simple walk around your city’s down town can turn into a history lesson or lead to the discovery of a new hang out.

To use Field Trip simply install it on your GPS-enabled Android smartphone and start it up. You can configure the app to notify you of certain types of things (historic places, outdoor art, food and drink, and more), refine the results over time by telling the app which tidbits you enjoyed, and more. Field Trip even has a driving mode where you can turn it on and, as you drive through a city or across the countryside, it will narrate your journey by telling you about interesting sites you’re passing.

Field Trip is free, Android only. Hit up the link below to take it for a spin.

Field Trip [via Geek News Central]

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  • Published 09/28/12

Comments (3)

  1. Paul

    Is there something like this for iPhone?

  2. Stephen Downes

    Incompatible with Samsung G SIII

  3. Stephen Downes

    … because “it cannot be installed in your country”. What the….?

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