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BlueStacks Joins Forces with AMD; Launches AMD-only Enhanced Android App Launcher

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Last fall we showed you how to run Android apps on your Windows PC with BlueStacks. Now BlueStacks has partnered with AMD to offer even better Android emulation on AMD-powered Windows machines.

Check out our original overview and installation guide for BlueStacks to get a feel for what you can do with the app. If you’re sporting an AMD CPU, hit up the link below to check out the AMD AppZone to grab some of the thousands of Android apps you can enjoy on your desktop.

AMD AppZone: Android [via Gigaom]

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  • Published 09/27/12

Comments (6)

  1. portableanswers

    pretty neat. is it legal?

  2. Thomas

    Do NOT download this application. It is incredibly invasive IMHO. Clicking on an Android application within BlueStacks does not bring up information about the application. It just installs the app without so much “Do you agree to the requirements?” window. I would like to know what the requirements are before I agree to anything. It also generates pop-up ads on your task bar.It is just too invasive and leaves me with too little control over my own system. The majority of the apps that I saw within BlueStacks appear to be games with very little thought of anyone over 14. My original purpose in downloading it was to be able to use a full-size keyboard for a couple of my brainstorming and note taking applications.

  3. hrddrv

    I also found that it takes up quite a bit of memory. I put it on my htpc which is an older comp and it seems to run all the time even when you try and turn it off. I did not have time to do any research to see if there was a conflict or any thing. I will do this at a later time. I am glad they paired with AMD though.

  4. Dark Reality

    This is a real piece of crap, and I’m glad somebody already called them on this.

    To clarify, this “AMD App Zone” is really just Bluestacks in disguise. Bluestacks used to not be quite this bad, but the main purpose of it, for them, has always been pushing crappy mobile games loaded with advertising. On top of that, they use an ancient Android platform (probably Donut or Cupcake) and there isn’t even an underlying Android OS, just Bluestacks’ crappy launcher. And an ever-persistent “suggested apps” bar you cannot get rid of. And to make matters worse, it delivers ads (mostly for other apps) even when it’s not running, including in the middle of games. (Real games like Skyrim, not crappy mobile games from Bluestacks — it will take you out of your game to show you an ad.)

    Personally, I would pay good money for an API layer like WINE that lets me run Android apps right on the desktop. There are really only a few apps that I want. Tapatalk would be great — it’s an app that manages forums better than your web browser can. A Windows app (or an Android app running in Windows) would be awesome. Or TuneIn Radio. Lets you access AM/FM stations from around the world via their web stream. Also pause/rewind/record live radio. If I could access my hometown’s classic rock station, Pandora would collect dust. Speaking of which, running the Pandora app would be better than using the website, since it can remember your password, and run outside your browser.

  5. Dark Reality

    Oh… couple points based on the comments (sorry for the double, HTG!):

    1. Yes it’s legal. All of the apps it offers are free. You cannot use paid apps that you bought via Google Play, and you can’t load .apk apps you’ve pirated (or legally obtained, I’m just saying you can’t use this that way). You can however get Amazon Appstore on it with a little trickery. Get the Bluestacks Sync app via Google Play (on your phone) and you can now put apps on your phone on Bluestacks. Not system apps (like Google Play Store) however. Sync Amazon Appstore if you like. Some paid apps might work (not if they have DRM that checks the Play Store — if they do they will fail).

    2. Despite AMD being all over this, this actually has been confirmed to work on systems with no AMD hardware. Intel CPU, nVidia GPU… still runs. AMD never claims it doesn’t, though. They’re just sponsoring it. As a dual AMD user (AMD Phenom II 555 CPU, AMD 6850 GPU) I can tell you that I get no benefit from running it. It still runs like crap. And I’d really like to reiterate that. We shouldn’t be comparing desktops to mobiles, but 3.2GHz x2 (desktop CPU) vs. 1GHz x2 (mobile), 4GB RAM vs. 1GB RAM, 1GB GDDR5 Radeon 6850 GPU vs. Tegra 2 GPU… it’s no contest. Yet apps fly on my mobile, and lag on my desktop. Bluestacks is crap. It really is. And now it’s crappy adware. Kill it. Kill it with fire.

  6. Lol@Dark Reality

    Really? You don’t think you can use paid apps? Or pirated ones? Ever try associating the .apk with the games install launcher? TADA you can use ANY apk file with a little common sense. I just loaded a 15GB apps torrent right into this

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