Print Your Favorite Video Game Character in 3D

By Jason Fitzpatrick on September 19th, 2012

Beloved video game characters of yesterday are perfect candidates for 3D printing with their simple and block-based sprite shapes. Read on to learn more about the process and mathematics of turning 2D sprites into 3D models.

Courtesy of Mikola Lysenko, a computer scientist and mechanical engineer, we’re treated to not just a tutorial on how to create a 3D shape from a 2D seed image, but the mathematics behind figuring out exactly what that 2D sprite should look like if stretched out into three dimensions. Hit up the link below for his tour of techniques including multiview stereo reconstruction and space carving (and why he went with one technique over the other)–the explanation of his process is just as interesting as the cool results it yields.

Turning 8-Bit Sprites into Printable 3D Models [via Hack A Day]

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  • Published 09/19/12
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