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Flightradar24 Maps Global Air Traffic in Real Time

Flightradar24 is a real time flight tracking service that shows you where thousands of planes are at any given time. Whether you’re an aviation buff or just want to show a worried kid that mom’s flight is almost home, they have you covered.

Flightradar24 is a free service that tracks flights using data from the FAA and ADS-B to display the status of flights across the globe. You can filter the information to see only certain planes, planes originating from certain airports, planes at various altitudes, and more.

The interface is accessible via their web site as well as via iOS and Android devices. Hit up the link below to take it for a spin.


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  • Published 09/17/12

Comments (5)

  1. r

    wow,..the Atlantic side of the U.S. is just one big air traffic party at 10:00 am EST.

  2. shinigamibob

    This is quite impressive – but it raises a question. What about security? I’ve been told that even the onboard flight map that passengers see on their personal screens are delayed by a couple minutes.

    This can’t actually be “realtime” realtime – I’m sure the FAA has regulations against that.

    Answering my own question:
    Doing a search on their site yields that any flights that are equipped with a ADS-B transponder (60% of all passenger aircraft) are in fact realtime. However, flights that are not equipped with one are simply omitted, and for all data that they get via the FAA, the data is delayed by roughly 5 minutes.

  3. Danny

    I found this website some time ago.
    Absolutely fascinating.

  4. Scott

    It’s amazing that the airports are able to coordinate all the planes that are in the air at one time.

  5. jthelw

    It’s no wonder that air traffic controllers burn out.

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