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How to Enable Click To Play Plugins in Firefox


Have you ever opened a webpage only to have all sorts of multimedia on the page just start playing? Firefox has a hidden feature that was designed to prevent situations just like that. Read on to find out how to enable it.

Enabling Click To Play Extension in Firefox

Open Firefox and navigate to about:config.


You will be sarcastically warned that you about to void your warranty, just click on the “I’ll be careful, I promise!” button to move on.


Now search for:



Next you need to toggle the setting so that the value is true.


Once you are done restart Firefox. To test it out, head over to YouTube and click on any video, you will notice you will have to click on the plugin to activate it.


That’s all there is to it.

Taylor Gibb is a Microsoft MVP and all round geek, he loves everything from Windows 8 to Windows Server 2012 and even C# and PowerShell. You can also follow him on Google+

  • Published 10/8/12

Comments (18)

  1. nickro

    Does anybody know if this can be done in Chrome?

  2. Midnight

    Already enabled in Firefox Aurora and Nightly!

    Great idea from Mozilla and a good way to avoid all the unwanted Multimedia.

  3. Al Pope

    I’m still new to computers up. how do you navigate to to about:config.

  4. Angel

    When you apply this to your browser, will it affect all Firefox users on that PC?
    If so, is there a way to apply it such that it only affects the browser instances of the user who wants it?

  5. thompr

    Al, On the address line, where you see the URL, like, just clear the field and type in “about:config” without the quotes.

  6. Edmund

    To navigate to about:config open Firefox. Next go to the address bar (where you enter Instead of typing type about:config

  7. Bob Santuci

    Great tip! And yes, You can do the same thing in Chrome. I have done it, but don’t remember the steps. It was definitely in the config settings. Sorry I can’t be more help on it.

  8. Sam

    I was getting “click to activate plugin” on a few sites. Thanks for the helpful walk through.

  9. Danny

    I still prefer flash block to this method. But it’s still good to know.

  10. FloridaDave

    Firefox 8.01 does not have that option listed.

  11. Will

    You can do the same in Chrome. Go to Settings, click “Show advanced settings”, under Privacy click on “Content settings”, under Plug-ins change the option to “Click to play”. You can also setup exceptions for different sites.

  12. Harm

    “Firefox 8.01 does not have that option listed.”
    It’s new with Firefox 16.

  13. Mike

    the same can be done in SeaMonkey, a sibling of Firefox

  14. Neko

    One word: Opera

  15. spike

    @Neko: that’s three irrelevant words.

  16. Taylor Gibb

    @Neko Seriously ? Are you an Opera developer ? Because last time i checked they were the only ones using it :P

  17. Michael

    While this option may be a good thing, it is causing problems for me with McAfee SiteAdvisor and KeyScrabler Pro. When this option is active, SiteAdvisor and Keyscrambler stop working properly. I had to “turn off” this option.

  18. Dusty

    I like how it kept Youtube from blaring out unexpectedly and it worked well.
    Unfortunately, it blocked downloaded PDFs from displaying. I noticed that Noscript has a noscript.smartClickToPlay setting and it was set to True. I wonder if this caused a conflict so the PDF wouldn’t display. If I can get PDFs to work with it, I would definitely use it.

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