Once a week we round up some great tips from the HTG tip box and share them with you; this week we’re looking at location based to-do reminders for Android phones, how to make your own floppy drive symphony, and an easy way to enjoy anywhere access to your manuals and product documentation.

Location Alert Issues Location-based To-Do Reminders

Usi writes in with the following reminder tip:

I’ve recently been enjoying a new task-reminder tool called Location Alert. I plug in both the task I need a reminder for and the place I need to be reminded (e.g. when I’m on the same block as the Dry Cleaner I want to be reminded to pick up the dry cleaning). It’s not a perfect app (I’d like it if it would time the reminders based on the time of day so I wouldn’t get reminded to pick up the dry cleaning while walking down the street on my lunch break) but for the most part it works exactly as promised: easy reminders for the tasks you need to do when you’re in the right place to do them.

Sounds like a workable solution, Usi, thanks for sharing. We’d love to hear from readers on other platforms (like Android and BlackBerry phones) who have experience with location-based reminders.

DIY Floppy Drive Music

Paul writes in with a fun DIY project:

Noticed the fun videos you guys have posted over the last few weeks/months of floppy-drive created music… if any readers are up for a geeky DIY challenge, I found a set of instructions for building your own floppy-drive “speakers”. I have no idea if this is the way the guys in the videos you’ve shared are doing it but it’s certainly pretty neat.

Neat indeed… if we could rig up some dot-matrix printers and old hard drives we’d be well on our way to creating a symphony.

Easy Access to Product Manuals

Bill writes in with the following organization trick:

Manuals are pretty annoying: they take up room, they’re usually filed away or lost when you need them, and you can’t search hard copies. I solved all those problems by putting all my product and game manuals in my Dropbox account. Now whenever I need a manual I can look at it on my iPad, smartphone, or any computer that has access to my Dropbox account and a PDF reader. And the best part is, of course, that I can search every manual for exactly the thing I’m looking for!

We’re with you 100%, Bill. We like putting our board game manuals in the whole Dropbox-to-iPad workflow so whenever we need to reference an obscure rule we’re one Find query away from the answers we need.

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