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Coronal Mass Ejection Video Captures Stunning Views of the Sun’s Surface

This beautiful HD video, courtesy of NASA, captures the Sun’s August 31st Coronal Mass Ejection with multiple angles and techniques–the surface of the Sun can be quite a turbulent place.

[via Boing Boing]

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  • Published 09/6/12

Comments (10)

  1. Pffft

    What captured this video?

  2. Pffft

    nm, found it in the BoingBoing comments

  3. sue parchick

    Thanks for taking the time to find the video. It was beautiful.

  4. r

    Heavy stuff,..well, I guess we aren’t planning to colonize The Sun

  5. StevenTorrey

    Huh, folks, is there a version for grown-ups without stupid soundtrack?

  6. StevenTorrey

    The sound track appears on the NASA webpage. So, go figure.

  7. Jack

    I know the picture from the other side of the sun is a fake. It’s not dark

  8. Dave

    I wish there would be an indication of the time scale. Anyone have any idea?

  9. Julio

    If these CME continue we’re going to have serious problems here.

  10. Rick S

    That’s pretty cool stuff. We came a long way as far as cameras are concerned.
    I didn’t find the sound track annoying at all.
    As far as CME causing problems goes. Well let her rip. Should knock a few people off their high horse. Hahaha.

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