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The ‘Ultimate’ Home-Brew Computer Tower [Humorous Image]

It’s Coming Alive! [via Fail Desk]

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  • Published 09/6/12

Comments (15)

  1. r

    …hope it’s grounded

  2. Green Star

    I thought about something like this many times, but never worked out due to my budget. :(

  3. elazar55

    Is that a jug of water? O.o

  4. elazar55

    Scratch that, I see it’s coolant for that PSU’s fan.

  5. Cody

    Johnny 5 Alpha 1 Version

  6. matyman

    @elzar55 Looks like a spindle of DVD’s to me!
    No way this system has any form of liquid cooling.

  7. r

    makes no difference, anyone who puts any kind of liquid directly under a power supply is an idiot

  8. ekma

    he’s got good cable management…..just sayin’………….

  9. jimmy

    not exactly a wise idea… theres no air flow! PC towers are designed so that air will flow THROUGH them, not sit around the components…

  10. Irish_IT

    @jimmy you just cant appreciate computer art i suppose :(

  11. Little John

    Not a legal built, you need a metal cage (faraday cage) around the components to block radio noise entering the system and to block radio waves leaving the system. There no water near the system, if you want a cd disk then you have to move the power supply. No common ground except from DC voltage. Where is the on switch and/or other controls?

  12. Tallos

    It looks like the metal sculpture man is the grounding system.

  13. Jeff Sadowski

    Non solid state drives should always be horizontal to the gravity source for least wear. Also there should be metal shielding to prevent some electromagnetic noise. There is plenty of volume for cooling.

  14. lu

    @Jeff Sadowski: There is no volume for cooling. All these component’s need to be in a computer tower so that air can properly flow in and out of the system. Like this they just collect dust, overheat & fail.

  15. Dig-a-Ling

    Funny stuff!

    But it doesn’t seem like it’s finished. Seems like it needs to be cooled with toilet water! (I’d sure hate to see the viruses a system like that might get.)


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