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Classic UFO Identification Chart from March 1967 [Retro Image]

If you love classic sci-fi goodness, then you will definitely enjoy looking through the various ‘alien’ starcraft featured in this classic chart from yesteryear!

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UFO Identification Chart – Stargods Blog [via]

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  • Published 08/29/12

Comments (8)

  1. r

    funny, it looks like stuff one would find in a fully equipped kitchen

  2. lesle


  3. dabull



  4. Mr. Boss

    Seen over Africa 70m. in length (2nd row 2nd from the right) = world’s largest dildo

  5. Rich

    @Mr. Boss

    + 1

  6. badger_fruit

    It’s funny how aliens who travel millions of light-years to visit us seem to favour circular shaped vehicles yet us humans use cylindrical ones … could it be that if we really are serious about space-travel, we need to change the shape of our rockets?

  7. Hopponit

    Cool. Thanks, I hadn’t seen this before. Question, why do so many of them look like used condoms? Would that mean they aren’t here exploring, but we live where the go for a date night parking spot?

  8. Steve

    Seems that the “sightings,” based on the dates of the drawings, began about the time that LSD was becoming popular, and dwindled down to almost nothing after it was made illegal. Nah, it probably doesn’t mean a thing . . .

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