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Java is Insecure and Awful, It’s Time to Disable It, and Here’s How


As usual, there’s yet another security hole in the Java Runtime Environment, and if you don’t disable your Java plugin, you’re at risk for being infected with malware. Here’s how to do it.

Security holes are nothing new, but in this case, the security hole is really bad, and there’s no telling when Oracle will get around to fixing the problem. Plus, how often do you really need Java while browsing the web? Why keep it around?

Should You Disable Java or Uninstall it?

Ideally, both. Otherwise:

  • If you don’t rely on any applications that use Java, and you don’t visit any sites that require Java in the browser, you should just completely remove the entire framework from your computer.
  • If you use applications that require Java, you should disable the plugin in the browser.
  • If you are forced to use Java in the browser for a specific site, you should disable Java in your main browser, and then use an alternate browser just for that one single site.

For regular users, there’s very little reason to keep Java around.

Note: many readers pointed out that the fun and extremely geeky game Minecraft requires Java. Obviously if you’re a geek, you deserve some Minecraft–but you should still disable the Java plugin in the browser.

How to Uninstall Java Entirely

Just like anything else, you need to head to Control Panel –> Uninstall Programs and uninstall it from there. Find anything else that has Java, JRE, JDK, or anything similar, and click the Uninstall button—it is completely free, so you can easily reinstall it if you really have to.


How to Disable the Java Plugin in Google Chrome

For Google Chrome, head to about:plugins in your browser bar, and then hit the Enter key.

Find Java in the list, and click the Disable button.


How to Disable the Java Plugin in Internet Explorer

Head to the Tools icon, and then use the Manage add-ons item in the menu.

Find the Java plugin in the list, click on it, and then click the Disable button. You’ll notice that this screenshot illustrates how to remove LastPass, but the same idea works for both.


How to Disable Java in Mozilla Firefox

Open up the Firefox menu and then click the Add-ons button.


Find everything that says Java in the name, and then disable it.

Finally, Java is gone! Now to find a good reason to get rid of iTunes.

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  • Published 08/28/12

Comments (122)

  1. LadyFitzgerald

    The fact that iTunes is intractable and tempermental isn’t reason enough to get rid of it?

  2. Dave

    Many people need iTunes to put music on their i devices, because they’re to lazy to get the driver or install a separate app or rockbox on the classics,nanos,etc.

  3. Superevil

    “Now to find a good reason to get rid of iTunes”

    Don’t buy any Apple products. Problem Solved

  4. OkayDokay

    If you use Chrome, you may want to consider giving Adobe’s Reader and Flash the old heave-ho too. (If you haven’t updated within the last 10 days and use Windows then you’re out of date!!!)

    And as far as plugins go, The only ones I use are a VLC plugin and a PDF plugin from Foxit. Other “extensions” I use are Ant Video Downloader, Better Privacy (for those really bad “permanent” browser cookies and BHO’s) and No Script!

    I think my FF “No Script” extension has saved my bacon now that I hear how Java has once again allowed things to get out of hand. Then again, I’d like to know if our author might have made the mistake of not upgrading to Java 7 – which would explain things!

  5. Bubby4j

    “For regular users, there’s very little reason to keep Java around.”

    I disagree, many applications use Java.

    Disabling applets however, I do agree with.

  6. Dan

    Yep, Java is horribly insecure, in spite of its promise 15 years ago to run applets safely in “sandboxes”.

    I removed/disabled “all things Java” about 2 years ago. Why? I went to a site to download a serial port driver for a work project… the site re-directed me to some Russian site that exploited a Java vulnerability. Took me almost 3 days of cleaning, rebooting, safe-mode’ing, scrubbing and whatnot to get that crap off my computer. I vowed “Never Again”!

    I’ve never missed Java & never suffered with it removed / disabled (professional software developer, you think I’d have encountered at least one situation by now, I haven’t).

    Also with FireFox as my browser, I use AdBlock and NoScript and Flashblock. Knock on wood, so far so good.

    Excuse my vulgarity, but Java is the load its mother should have …

  7. Noah

    But then how will I play Minecraft??

  8. jasray

    Never had a problem with Java; first time I’ve heard a techie-geek claim he has. Wonder what the problem is.

  9. lbarnett83

    I’m thinking that this post may have been written for the average computer user. As Noah put it, what about Minecraft!! Also, as a power user, my browser first asks me IF I want to run an applet in my browser. The average user would most likely simply click ‘Allow’ not knowing what it is. If you know your way around a computer, you know never to execute code you do not trust, random applets being oone of those things. Average users, get rid of it, power users, keep it and be careful.

  10. Ken

    Jasray, the problem is, it’s a gaping backdoor way to rape your computer. Worse than Flash, and acrobat reader combined. It’s all good, though. But Google once mentioned something to replace Java, thought it was called arrow or something but… I never heard much more than a post on ZDNET over a year ago. Google needs to make it happen, lol.

  11. How to Geek more like how to idiot

    LOL Scaremongering at it’s best, what about us Java Developers are we to just remove Java and quit out profession?

  12. catester

    I’ve read several places now that it’s a good idea to disable java in your main browser and use a different browser when you have to use java. Why?

  13. Krip

    Really, why don’t you disable or remove Windows? I don’t see articles like these when there’s a 0-day attack…

    ANY software can be affected by a zero-day attack like this.

  14. Lost My Java (and I don't care)...

    BTW, if you use Java because Open Office or Libre Office says it “needs” it, bull! I’ve found that it doesn’t. You can use both OO and LO just without Java just fine. This Java dependability might affect maybe 2 people out of 100 (who are probably using Linux versions anyway).

  15. David

    Being “careful”, doesn’t matter with the most recent vulnerabilities. The last two major vulnerabilities didn’t require the user to allow it to run. I spent a few days cleaning out viruses from customer computers the last time this happened.

  16. Alekib

    Java is required also by Jdownloader. Impossible to unistall it.

  17. Citrus Rain

    Java is one of my best languages. It makes me sad that people hate it this much.

    And javascript is still needed for HTML5 frames if I’m not mistaken. Why would you kill that?

  18. Raging Piton

    I’ve uninstalled it just a month ago.
    I realized that java and javascript are different things.
    Only once I’ve used that java applet in my life. It was for that downloads youtube video.

  19. The Geek

    This post was definitely written for regular computer users.

    Geeks need their Minecraft – and I’m assuming any good geek would have already disabled the java browser plugin, right?

  20. SatoMew

    @”Lost My Java (and I don’t care)…”, Java IS needed for OpenOffice and LibreOffice. But the LibreOffice developers reduced its dependency on Java a bit in version 3.4. Let’s see if more removal of Java code is due its way because having a Java-free LibreOffice would make it even better.

    @Citrus Rain, Java =/= JavaScript (ECMAScript).

  21. kelltic

    I’m not a geek, but I have several apps on my system that run on Java. I can’t do without them. Mostly, I’m just staying off the internet except for a few sites, like this one.

  22. KMFDMKid2000

    For any use of iTunes, I have a test virtual machine set up with Windows 7 and snapshots. On the rare occasion I need iTunes for something, say, inserting lyrics into an MP3 so I can see them on PowerAmp, I install to the VM, do my edits, then flash back to before iTunes was installed.

    Saves having to remove it, saves having it taint my actual operating system, and saves having to reverse any unseen changes not reversed by a simple uninstall.

    I may use iTunes once every 6 to 9 months if at all, and solely for the reason above

  23. KMFDMKid2000

    Also, Java is the Duplo of programing languages anyway. Aside from some client side software (Yes, Minecraft, some other tools I use) I find the browser plug in almost never utilized. Will disable until given a reason not to have done so.

  24. r

    If I see Java on any new workstations it’s one of the first things I uninstall.
    This is very easy to detect because it always has an annoying update message every time a system boots into the GUI.

  25. derek_ctw

    It’s actually funny that Microsoft uses a Java downloader for the Win8 Enterprise 90-day Trial.

  26. BigT

    The only secure application environment is one that is never used or one that *cannot* be used. Java is no more or less vulnerable than any other architecture out there sadly. Like any application envionment Java needs to have powerful capabilities and unfortunately these capabilities will of course be exploited.

  27. Ken in Florida

    Don’t use windows! problem solved!

  28. konti

    Is Java dangerous on ALL platforms? How about Linux/Ubuntu?

  29. Igor

    Lol great, cant wait to find an article about iTunes :DD i hate it all,java,iTunes,quicktime.. ohhhhh man.. great article

  30. Bertram Felden

    I tried disabling Java and the first two sites I visited didn’t work ( was one of them)

    Allegedly version 1.6 is not affected, so I reverted to using that, disabling later versions for the time being.

  31. eslabon

    I’m also curious about how this affects Linux. I’m no expert, but my guess is that due to its cross platform nature, the vulnerabilities would be present anywhere. I need Minecraft, but I’ll disable it in my browsers to be safe.

  32. GniDesign

    It is very disappointing, not to mention unprofessional, when an writer rips into a product and makes claims of doomsday security issues, but fails to cite a reliable source. Usually we only see these cryptic accusations come against Microsoft products. No, I don’t work for Oracle but I am programmer of 15 years and just starting into Java. Claims like this do not make me feel good. So Dude? Please update this post with some credibility or retract it completely. Thanks!

  33. Rick S

    I can’t make heads nor tails out of all this.
    I’m leaving Java on my computer because after all these years I have yet to have a problem.
    If I do, Then I will fix it and if it really ticked me off I will consider removing it.
    So until I learn more about it it stays.
    I hear they are using Java to trick Linux users into installing crap or something like that so it’s on thin ice.
    Malware, spyware and virus writers should be shot on national TV so the next guy would think twice. Might as well shoot the spammers too. lol.

  34. GniDesign

    PS: The word is ‘Unsecure’, people who have social anxieties are ‘insecure’ :)

  35. Terotech

    I just bought an iPad 2, a geek friend tells me that the only way to load MP3s is to use iTunes, is that right? [I want to use the iPad for playing backing tracks eventually]

  36. Terotech

    I went to Firefox to disable Java and played the video on add-ons. Unfortunately the commentary is drowned out by the ‘music?’ being played. Who the heck [a] plays this unnecessary junk, and [b] adds and ‘balances’ the volume and equalisation [mostly bass] against the voice?

  37. LadyFitzgerald

    Media Monkey is capable of doing most, if not everything iTunes does (except maybe interface with the iTunes store; I wouldn’t know since there is no way I’ll use that site).

    @ GniDesign. Check for validation of the Java threat.

  38. gkglkghklgh

    But what about runescape? trolololol

  39. TheFu

    As I read this article and the first few comments, I almost cried. Finally, people “get it” and security matters.

    Since Oracle took over Java, it has gone downhill. Java should only be used for enterprise servers run by professionals. Never on desktops. Java was intended to be extremely secure, but somehow that didn’t happen. It was also supposed to become fast and efficient. That didn’t happen either. I remember with Sun came to the government lab were I was working and showed off Java. We were writing cross-platform C++ programs for about 10 different platforms. 80% of the developers on the team started learning Java and made that their careers.
    Oracle has destroyed a number of other programs, tools, systems as well. MySQL is next. Migrate to MariaDB ASAP if you don’t want to be screwed by Oracle. MariaDB is a drop in replacement for MySQL by the original dev team. Any DBMS is a threat to Oracle’s many product, so it makes complete business sense for them to slowly kill MySQL, but they need to make it untrustworthy first.

    iTunes has always sucked. It is hard to think of any worse program on Windows – it beats Outlook by far now on the “suck scale.” Do not buy Apple products if you don’t want to be stuck with this completely sucky tool.

    Adobe programs and Flash will continue to be major security risks for the foreseeable future. Only people who earn money should have them loaded at all. Flash should be disabled by default on all desktops, with the ability to selectively enable it. AdobeAir is bloated, slow. very much like Java on the desktop.
    PDF reading should be done using alternative readers, anything but Acrobat.
    Adobe management has known about their security issues for over 5 years, yet they continue to fail correct them effectively. 10 yrs ago Microsoft had similar issues. They completely reworked all their development with security as a major goal. It worked, but it was hard. Adobe management needs to do the same.

    Php is the next, constant, target. Are you prepared?

    Gee, this sounds like a rant. I apologize. It is just so frustrating to see people use terrible software because they don’t know any better. Still, I doubt these statements will alter anyone’s behavior. I’m just some guy posting anonymous on the internet.

  40. john3347

    Media Monkey was reason enough for me to abandon itunes. I looked for a suitable replacement for a couple of years before I found Media Monkey. After trying it on one computer, I quickly replaced it on everything I own and I am 100% iApple free and have never looked back. Well, sometimes I look back and smile, but never miss anything iApple. I abandoned iQuick Time years ago.

  41. Randy

    I also use java with jdownloader and knock on wood. No problems so far. I totally agree on the scaremongering remark. Skull & Crossbones with a healthy shout out by HTG on the evils of having java running on your machine. If that isn’t scaremongering I don’t know what it is. Java is like all other computer related stuff. Be careful, make sure you update and run a good AV or security suite.

  42. Taylor Gibb

    @Citrus Rain Java != JavaScript

  43. Maxyyt

    Just use the add on called No Script, will disable java for any website endless you allow it. Use it all the time and never had any problems.

  44. Karen1958

    Just Say No to iTunes.
    I’ve used the free CopyTransmanager to load up my iPod for years.

  45. Bob

    IIRC, only a couple of weeks back there was an article in HTG promoting a program that allowed you to control uPNP on your modem. That program required Java runtime. This week Java is a beast. What next week?

    I won’t have Java on any machine that I own as I agree with this article.

  46. mayasl

    I didn’t find a similar report anywhere else in the net, only in HTG.

  47. LadyFitzgerald

    This is the third time I have tried to post a link leading to confirmation of this threat but it kept getting blocked. Google a forum called sevenforums. Under the News heading, click on Security News, then the article about the Java threat. The first post will provide a link to a site that lists the sources of the threat.

    So far, I’ve seen four sites, including this one, that tells of the Java threat. It’s real, folks.

    As stated before, Media Monkey will do most, if not all, of everything that iTunes can do. Who needs iApple and their iGarden iWall?

  48. Steven Shaffer

    Just a small word or advice. If you’re using Google Chrome (and what self-respecting geek doesn’t) then this isn’t a big issue. Chrome will ask every time Java runs and ask you if it’s ok. If you’re somewhere different and it pops up just don’t allow. Just use some common sense that everyone seems to lack now-a-days. There’s really no need to get all excited. Just install Chrome and get used to a “real” browser that actually has security. BTW if you’re on the fence about installing Chrome just checkout the Chrome store and you will be sold.

  49. LenR

    Sounds to me like Steven Shaffer gets very excited for Google Chrome.

  50. chris

    Well thanks for this.

    I had on my list of to-do today to try to get rid of an annoying adware that has infected my computer. This infection underlines and highlights key words when I am online. lets say, it picks out the word ‘celebrate’. If I touch that word with the cursor I found my tab opening in another page selling something to do with celebration.
    However, I removed Java and this infection appears to have gone.

    My word program is unaffected. Have to say, I hate iTunes too.

  51. Kirk M

    Okay, so we disable Java and Flash and viola! No more websites. Okay, that’s stretching it a bit but not too much. Java, Java script and Flash are used in almost every website these days. Disabling both means these sites will no longer work and that includes just about every social site in existence. Like it or not, if you want the full experience of being on the WWW these days, you need both Java and Flash. Perhaps that will change in the future. Until then, I use a popular Linux distro (Mint) with OpenJDK (7) rather than Oracle Java. Still use Flash though.

  52. Matt V.

    To the many confused commenters:

    Java and Javascript are not the same thing. Not even related other than an unfortunate name similarity.

  53. giony

    if you’re not a developer, stfu please about java. I dare you to find a richer ecosystem in the wild than the one that is available for the jvm (languages, libraries,etc.).
    since you’ve demonstrated in this article that you love to ramble about things you dont understand, please stop . just stop. get your laptop, throw it off a bridge and go live in a cave in the mountains.

  54. spike

    @giony: Who doesn’t understand what??? If you are a Java developer, I’m very sorry about your luck, but Java is a thorn in the side.

    @Citrus Rain: Java is one of your best languages?? Also, Java is not javascript.

  55. spike

    @giony: I dare an in-the-wild virus to find a richer ecosystem than the one that is available in Java :)

  56. uskadara


    Thanks or your tip re disabling Java plugin – as a lightweight user I have enough problems without worrying about a sneak attack from some foreign …

  57. Dic

    Been wanting a clearcut opinion on this for some time. Good article. Thanks.

    Now, how do we get rid of Babylon?

    And then ReminderFox for Firefox. Not showing in the plugin list, but is still active. And its Web page is in my face, every time I start Firefox.

  58. Gatis

    NORDEA internet bank is based on java lol… i guess i won’t be using it no more..

  59. Wayne Riker

    My courses (cost $45,000) require Java. Use Java everyday. How about demanding better security within the Java coding?

  60. jackblue

    I Would not touch iTunes with your bargepole.

  61. piotre

    for opera just type opera:plugins in your url field and deactivate all java stuff

  62. chuck

    First ask yourself is my puter’ broken ?

    If not don’t mess with it !

    The first thing you will notice if you disable Java is your e-mail will stop working, along with other unwanted problems… DONT DO IT !!!


  63. Zurab

    Do you really sea the future of Internet without Java?
    There is an option: to load Java applets only from the trusted source; but if I create any Java applet how can I become ‘trusted source’ myself?

  64. chuck

    Beware, Don’t do it !!!

    I don’t know who wrote this BS, but trust me DON’T DO IT !!!

  65. LadyFitzgerald

    @ Chuck. Then why is my computer, email, etc. working just fine without Java?

  66. Fyrewerx

    I wish Hewlett-Packard would stop using Java for the software that comes with all their late model printers. These apps don’t work very well, and as noted, they’re probably insecure.

  67. SatoMew

    @Steven Shaffer, nice publicity stunt for Google, bro. Seems like to you people who use Firefox and/or Opera cannot be geeks then.

  68. Palmtree

    FYI Java has been updated to 7u7

  69. Bob

    All of my machines work just fine without Java. However, they all work well with Javascript. Similar names but unrelated products. Java is a piece of crap that nobody deserves to have on their machine. Second thought, I wonder if I can load it on the M-i-Ls machine.

  70. GniDesign

    Some guys blog isn’t what I would call a reputable source. None of the big AV/AM companies are reporting any Java threats. If you google it all that comes back are a bunch of bloggers pasting the same text as this one. But here is what I did find out from malwarebytes is that Gen:Trojan.Heur.FU.bqW@a4uT4@bb; Backdoor:Win32/Poison.E is almost always a false/pos and heuristic technology is not very precise. fwiw

  71. LadyFitzgerald

    Sigh! This, according to ZDNet:

    “Security researchers from FireEye, AlienVault, and DeependResearch have intercepted targeted malware attacks utilizing the latest Java zero day exploit. The vulnerability affects Java 7 (1.7) Update 0 to 6. It does not affect Java 6 and below.”

    Per wikipedia:

    “FireEye, Inc. is an American network security company that provides dynamic malware protection and automated threat forensics.”

    “OSSIM (Open Source Security Information Management) by AlienVault is an open source Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), comprising a collection of tools designed to aid network administrators in computer security, intrusion detection and prevention.”

    DeependResearch has its own website that says what it is. You’ll have to Google it since I haven’t been able to post URLs in this thread.

  72. steve

    what about JavaFX (JavaFX 2.1.1)

  73. Vivek

    Unfortunately many websites require JAVA. I found even my bank website using JAVA

  74. Sef

    I’ve been uninstalling JAVA on personal PC’s & workstations for years.
    Never any problems afterwards. It’s junk & so are most of the programs that use it.

  75. Santo

    You may check the status of the installed Java by visiting the site

    It is recommended to install the latest version.

  76. LadyFitzgerald

    This from Oracle (scoffers take note):

    “Oracle Security Alert for CVE-2012-4681

    This Security Alert addresses security issues CVE-2012-4681 (US-CERT Alert TA12-240A) and two other vulnerabilities affecting Java running in web browsers on desktops. These vulnerabilities are not applicable to Java running on servers or standalone Java desktop applications. They also do not affect Oracle server-based software.

    These vulnerabilities may be remotely exploitable without authentication, i.e., they may be exploited over a network without the need for a username and password. To be successfully exploited, an unsuspecting user running an affected release in a browser will need to visit a malicious web page that leverages this vulnerability. Successful exploits can impact the availability, integrity, and confidentiality of the user’s system.

    In addition, this Security Alert includes a security-in-depth fix in the AWT subcomponent of the Java Runtime Environment.

    Due to the severity of these vulnerabilities, the public disclosure of technical details and the reported exploitation of CVE-2012-4681 “in the wild,” Oracle strongly recommends that customers apply the updates provided by this Security Alert as soon as possible.”

  77. oliver

    If I quit drinking java, will the problem just go away, maybe??? (duh?!)

  78. Awakener

    If you need Java to play Minecraft but want to disable it in your browsers, try installing the 64bit version. That way you can still use it from the command line, but the 32bit browsers won’t detect it as being installed if you don’t have the 32bit JRE installed.

  79. LadyFitzgerald

    This from PCWorld yesterday:

    “Security researchers from Poland-based security firm Security Explorations claim to have discovered a vulnerability in the Java 7 security update released Thursday that can be exploited to escape the Java sandbox and execute arbitrary code on the underlying system.

    Security Explorations sent a report about the vulnerability to Oracle on Friday together with a proof-of-concept exploit, Adam Gowdiak, the security company’s founder and CEO said Friday via email.

    The company doesn’t plan to release any technical details about the vulnerability publicly until Oracle addresses it, Gowdiak said.”

  80. max

    Like uninstalling Flash Player? A lot of websites and programs won’t function without it.

  81. Dan

    Everything’s insecure and can cause malware, just like everything can cause cancer.

  82. Anirban Chanda

    Hi there,thanks for your information & concern!!……………….The thing is that there’s a lot of programs on my desktop pc that needs java to run so i just can’t disable or uninstall it from my pc!!!!!!……..Besides i just heard that Java has fixed the problem,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,so it is of no harm now!!……………….is it!?!

  83. LadyFitzgerald

    @ Anirban Chanda. They fixed it and introduced another problem. I reported that three posts ahead of yours.

    Considering how often Java has had security issues, I would find replacements for any programs that depended on it. What I really find amazing are the number of people who have been reporting their internet banking requires Java. I would lose that bank in a heartbeat.

  84. Administrator

    wath about minecraft?

  85. Jack

    I have no idea what you are talking about but I deleted or disabled every call-out for Java on my machine

  86. destiny1020

    OK, you author can disable/uninstall all things !
    You’d better throw your machine away !

  87. GK

    I’m guessing that if you disable the java plugins in the browser, you’re safe from any of these exploits while using java in native applications (like Minecraft) that are trusted? I have no need for java in the browser but I’m a bit worried that somewhere I left a back door open to malware / hackers.

  88. christian valverde

    oracle’s implementation on windows might be insecure … but theres a lot more than just a plugin for applets …java ecosystem its everywhere and its the past,present and even near future.
    its an accomplishment of many years of best of IT engineering.

  89. jerrware

    I know he’s just talking about applets, but if we’re going to remove potential security threats, how about removing Windows all together? How many times does Windoze Update want to install a security fix. Don’t know? Go to and click Control Panel > Uninstall a program > View installed updated. Prepare to be amazed!

  90. V0R73X

    Also in Firefox there’s a plugin called QuickJava which lets you quickly disable/enable Java, Javascript, Flash, and lots of other client-side app frameworks on the browser.

  91. Mike Dedmon

    I really despise java. Our company uses about 10 different external 3rd applications (mostly in the auto industry) that require java. For me as a network administrator, It’s been nothing but a pain.

    My biggest complaint is that you have to install a client piece on each workstation. But, it’s no surprise that some of our external sites will only work with the 5.2 version and others require the latest 6.x versions. Of course, you can’t have both on your workstations. I have users that have to login to a separate virtual session so they can access some of these sites.

    In today’s HTML5 / javascript world, you can do everything in the browser using HTML, CSS, javascript and many of the backend scripting languages. Plus – Since it’s all served up, you don’t’ have to rely on a specific client piece being installed and the correct version.

    I WISH java could be eliminated from my workstations, but it’s not an option at this point.

  92. Damian

    Solution for not needing iTunes: get an Android phone instead of an iPhone…

  93. PC Wang

    Perhaps these suggestions will help.

    Hardware Filtering
    Some hardware allows you to filter JAVA in the hardware firewall setup.
    A hardware example is the Motorola SBG6580 cable modem wireless router where you can enable a setting to filter Java Applets.

    The setup may also allow you to exclude certain Web-oriented cookies, java scripts, and pop-up windows etc to be blocked by the firewall.

    A list of “trusted computers” can also be defined that are not subject to any filters configured so that you can play specific games.

    Clean up
    If you have to use JAVA, I’d head over right now to the good folks at bleeping computer and download their free temp file cleaner — there are a lot of temp folders for nasty JAVA exploits to live in (among other places)… and I’d run it once or even twice a day if you browse a lot.

  94. Pierre

    More effective if radical :
    1) Keep Java, the most important contribution to open source computing
    2) Switch from Windows to Linux (like Ubuntu, Debian, Kubuntu, Fedora)
    And you will be much safer and save a LOT of money !!!


  95. stefanolambelet

    if i do that i can’t play Minecraft

  96. clamo

    “Java is Insecure and Awful, It’s Time to Disable It” who’s the dumb ass with there thumb up there ass?
    JAVA is required by a lot of programs to function correctly. disabling it or removing it will also inadvertently disable a lot of programs in windows. also just because there was a hole found in the program don’t mean you need to get rid of it. Microsoft windows has always had a BIG hole in it but do you format and switch to mac os or linux, no.

  97. nobbywebfoot

    I have cleaned out every application named Java but what do I do about the scores of files of various kinds which were originated by and still bear the Java logo? I ask this because many of these files contain information that I must keep.

  98. avizz1017

    A little while ago you said that java script was totally unreliable. Looking at your post today about how Mozilla can display PDF files from the browser, it looked to me that the steps you showed to enable this used Java Script. Am I wrong?

  99. Jim Hughes

    Would someone explain what Java actually does to make in necessary and what it dose for our computers, and are there different types of Java that are helpful & safe?

  100. Josh

    I wouldn’t completely disable Java. In a browser – Java Applets – yes (although, I never managed to get it working on Opera). But, Java “desktop apps”, is something to keep. Yes, they’re slow, and usually awful, but they work, and they’re cross-platform. For example, I use FrostWire on Linux, which is a complete pile of slow junk, but there is no other way of running it.

  101. JEAN

    u disabled java and then tried to uninstall it and guess what…it won’t let me uninstall it on my pc. so no what????

  102. Shonna Alva

    Hi There,
    I have a few problems I would surely appreciate some help with.
    I installed a program called TuneUp. It “Cleaned” and tuned my PC, and deleted a bunch of stuff very important to me! When the trial period wore off, I thought it would restore everything back to the way it found it, as others have done. It did not. I went to System Restore; it had deleted all entries. I tried reinstalling and uninstalling, as it said rlt120.bpl could not be found and to do that. I have been hoping to find a way to start it again, so I can find the Backup it created and restore my PC. Also, it Does Not Uninstall! I got disgusted and tried to just get it off my Dell 1735 with Vista 64 pack 2 machine. It won’t Uninstall.
    …RE:Java, I had disabled it out of desperation before encountering this site, but…how do I “watch TV” – Internet TV, as in, without Flash or Java? What FVL (?) do you recommend?
    Also, how do you dare use Google at all? (I will not touch it! Have not since they put out of business by refusing to load their page! They steer you, block sites that beat out either them or their competitors, give you information the government or Big Pharma or other big business do not want you to see, they are horrible. (Don’t believe me? Try a search outisde the US for Natural Cures! Our government already not only Blocks sites, but blatantly shuts them down, totally against our Constitution, infringing on our Freedom! I bet even Geeks have encountered sites they have shut down – and no, Homeland Security and the FBI are NOT protecting you from anything! They head of FDA, or woman over Internet for them, anyway, said in an interview she has set up miultiple Fake Sites, at our expense, to trap Cancer sufferers looking for alternate cures – which DO exist – many that say really rude things when you get there, like telling you you are stupid and go back to your doctor! (i.e. there is a Cure for skin cancer, a salve made from eggplant, tested and proven. Try finding it! Kartoo would find things when I was in there under England, but google would say Page Not Found, as it did with Kartoo itself! Even when I typed the address in! (Kartoo was the Best dang Search Engine ever created, too! I would have kept Flash for that!)
    Something is not right, as my HDMI connection to my HDTV to watch TheBlaze TV now, crashes often. I have Vista 64 (yes, I hate it too) and need a decent Video viewer, but do not know which one to use. I would love it if you would recommend ONE computer type class to take. Out of all the things you have learned in a class, which one has had the most applicable knowledge?
    I am a Senior Citizen, mostly self-taught on PC, (prefer Windows 98se over this Vista) who uses her PC to do Genealogy, watch TheBlaze TV and Fox once in a while by connecting via HDMI to my TV (until the plug-in crashes), search other info i.e. Nootropics, politics, or other areas of study.
    I would love to find another Search Engine anywhere near as good as Kartoo, or even that works like it did. Some of the information I search for, i.e. Fluoride studies showing the dangers, EmpowerPlus Studies they deny were ever done but were (Natural cure for Mental Illness), have been scrubbed by others and I have to go in the back door. Kartoo was my back door man. It has been much harder without it. I would appreciate any guidance you can give me.

    Thank You,

  103. Bee


    Java is incredibly useful, and everything has it’s problems. We should all uninstall Windows while we’re at it. I’ve always hated sensationalist headlines, and this one is no exception. You’re misleading readers who don’t know any better and you’ve lost a lot of my respect in the process. This article really is a huge disappointment.

  104. John IEZZI

    I just wonder if using Windows 8 RTM with Java Early Access Release 1.8 Build 56 installed could be as dangerous as for W7 and Java 1.6.
    And, BTW, what about W7 and Java 1.7.10 Build 07?
    Are those “beta” releases of Oracle Java secure?
    Better than 1.6.x?
    Tx 4 replying.

  105. Lauren

    If it is insecure, why are you calling it awful? Going to hurt its feelings.. I am here all night, ladies and gentlemen!

  106. F H Dumay

    Sorry, i am a (part time) Java developer – and i think although the information in this article is correct ( i do not know for sure, as a i do not use windows, except for my job), it is biased against Java (Yes, the security track record for Java is less than perfect, i know, but in that respect, so are a lot of others, php is one of them).

    I personally find windows a main problem to use – and far more vulnerable than Linux, simply because 90% of todays pc’s use windows – which makes them a great target for hackers, since there is a lot to exploit out there.

    Using the internet is a potential disaster waiting to happen – the only thing people can do is get informed, don’t be naive , take precautions. It is like your home – if you believe any one knocking on your door, or leave your house unlocked and unsecured (like your PC), you will one that find that you have been burgled….

  107. Rudy

    What is this ? There is security holes in most of the products/applications/frameworks…
    Is this a campaign against java ?
    You know what I will do, unsubscribe from HTG…

  108. Chris

    I agree java is a pain but I do need for business apps and the occasional site still sues it such as keepvid.

    If like me you dont want it available fo roccasional use, then noscript will mean you need to authorise it on firefox, and IE9 also has a handy function where you can goto manage addons, select java and then press remove all sites. Then close the option boxes. Now in IE9 whenever a site wants to use java it needs your permission.

  109. JamesHudson

    Google chrome asks me before it runs. is this safe to java like this

  110. Daryl

    Our administrative system (Banner) at the university where I work uses Java, so it’s pretty important that I keep it on my computer so I can build classes, assign instructors, etc.

  111. anon

    The national id-scheme (nem-id) which is used to access for example your net bank or governmental sites is based on Java – no Java no net bank or online access to your tax return or local authority.


    Talk about putting all the country’s eggs in one technology basket.

  112. anon

    Oh I forgot to mention the country :-) – Denmark.

  113. Ownster

    I find it sick, you guys blame java as evil, when you dumbasses visit the wrong sites with the virus code.

  114. sarabjeet

    i really like that you are giving information on core and advance java concepts. Being enrolled at i found your information very helpful indeed.thanks for it.

  115. Alexander

    He is at rule. You can disable it if you DON’T USE IT.
    If you are using it (such i use for the Minecraft) just disable the Java At the Browser.
    Now when you try to run a java application at the browser, it will ask if you want to run it or not.

  116. BlogZilla

    Really now? Getting rid of Java, is like saying, “Just get rid of Windows on your computer.” :/ No way I can disable Java.

  117. ThatOneGuy

    Well. I hope none of you like playing Minecraft.

  118. spike

    @BlogZilla: Hmm… I don’t see it that way..

  119. Gautam

    Ha Ha,It’s so funny that no one asked about the Security hole…..that exactly what is it,because of which so much pain was taken !!

  120. mandee

    Ha..ha..! It seems the author of the article hates Java and wrote it to give a way to their frustration.(You envy Java. Don’t you?)

    I have been using Java Applets for quite a while without any problem.

    I think Internet is the biggest disaster as of now. Would you ask people to quit it?
    Programming languages like C and C++ are used for creating quality products like Google Chrome, at the same time they are also widely used for creating viruses, malwares etc. Would you ask people to quit it?

    Windows has been quite vulnerable till Windows XP (I don’t know if it still is as compared to Linux, Unix which are more secured) but still it is running on so many computers. Would you ask people to quit it?

    Emails are commonly used for illegal activities. Would you ask people to quit it?

    There are a number of examples. The reality is a software can never be perfect. It may be close to perfection. So you can’t blame it for 1 or 2 reasons. Try to have a look at the good side also.

    Usually the problem is with the code. If you have coded efficiently, it won’t risk you security. Moreover If you are so concerned about your security, use Applets from trusted websites. Another important thing is to keep it updated. (It is usually your decision to visit a vulnerable website and if you are in jeopardy, you blame the software.)

    I started using Java Applets because when I play a Flash game in my browser, my laptop’s fan speeds up and gets heated. When I play Applet game, the laptop is so silent and I can play game for hours without any problem. I willn’t not quit using Applets just because somebody else is advising me. I know what suits my system. Rather I am planning to learn Java soon.

    At last if you hold grudges against something, you would never appreciate it.

  121. Michelle

    Java is a pain in my *BEEP* I’m always complaining about it. My bf thinks i’m mad cos he never has a problem with it he says. Nice to know it’s not just me, i’m getting rid right now! And i’m trading Firefox for Chrome too.

  122. Redd

    “Now to find a good reason to get rid of iTunes.”

    The fact that there are vastly superior applications that serve iTunes’ functions and are even better at it isn’t reason enough?

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