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The Power of Router Lights at Night [Humorous Image]

Well, so much for getting to sleep easily as the ‘Lights of Doom’ shine down on you…

Every time I try to sleep! [via MUO]

Akemi Iwaya is a devoted Mozilla Firefox user who enjoys working with multiple browsers and occasionally dabbling with Linux. She also loves reading fantasy and sci-fi stories as well as playing "old school" role-playing games. You can visit her on Twitter and .

  • Published 08/22/12

Comments (19)

  1. Michael

    Tape helps….sometimes. You always have manufacturers who decided to put lights visible from space on their stuff.

  2. anybodysguess

    The power and HDD LEDs on the front of my computer case are UN-DIFFUSED LEDs!

  3. anybodysguess

    Also the USB ports on the front are upsidown, go figure.

  4. Tech Checkers

    Solution (and it really works !) go to you local art store and purchase a Sheet of Red Acetate, cut to cover lights and you end with a Soft Purple Glow, still able to visually confirm all working.. Less like a Christmas Tree Light Show though…

  5. r

    as annoying as they can be, I often rely on these green, amber & red lights in order to solve problems on systems, servers, ports, printers, etc… Like post & beep codes, they serve a very good purpose that saves time troubleshooting.

  6. David Aris-Sutton

    Damn thats an ugly router

  7. Chris

    The lights help me escape the room when I need an emergency toilet break in the night without turning on the lights. Lol

  8. Dingaling

    It’s all about rods and cones when it comes to anatomy of the eye. So if you are able to make all your lights red then it will help preserve your night vision and not blind you. (Now you know why some parts of the military use red lights at night.) Then again it might not help cause the lights on your gear are all “red”! :-O

  9. Mary J

    I use blue painter’s tape on mine. It mutes the light and is easy to remove and replace if I need to.

  10. bedlamb

    The lights on my router are very bright, but they don’t bother me. I easily convinced my roommate that her room was the best location for the router.

  11. Ringo

    Err, just turn the damn thing round!

  12. BD

    I think Ringo has the right idea!

  13. Kevalin

    Hah. Turn it around so the damn things can then be shockingly bright AND diffused all over the room… I think I’ll try the painter’s tape solution, though.

  14. Alex e

    Haha! I have a massive setup in my bedroom, and I was able to go into the routers setting and shut off the rear Rx/Tx light from blinking, but the room still has a faint green hue to it at night. :) I agree, some of the LED’s manufactures put in their products can burn your retinas!

  15. anuvab1911

    Even the LEDs become prominent when all other lights are off.

  16. True

    That is sooooooooooooooooo true cause i have my router right next my bed cause thats where my computer is its sooooooooooo annoying that I have to cover it every night I go to sleep .

  17. Lem

    That is sooooooooooooooooo true that you’re sooooooooooo annoying.

  18. bartman2589

    Still not as bad as the super bright blue power indicator LED on my tower case!! Had to cover it with a piece of black pvc electric tape in order to get to sleep at night because it was bright enough where I could read a book by the blue light it gave off.

  19. Andrew Bayliss

    Anybody consider turning it off?

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