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Download the Icons from Windows 8 RTM to Use on Your Favorite System

Do you love the simplistic style of the icons in Windows 8 and want to bring the look to your other Windows systems? Then all you need is this set of 41 icons collected together from the final release version of Windows 8 by the good folks at 7 Tutorials.

When you visit the post linked below, scroll down to the bottom and look for the ‘’ file link (located under the Related Articles section).

Note: Icons come in .ico format only.

Download the Windows 8 Logo & Other Windows 8 Icons [7 Tutorials]

Akemi Iwaya is a devoted Mozilla Firefox user who enjoys working with multiple browsers and occasionally dabbling with Linux. She also loves reading fantasy and sci-fi stories as well as playing "old school" role-playing games. You can visit her on Twitter and .

  • Published 08/22/12

Comments (16)

  1. gedstar

    They look like something from Windows 95, have Microsoft lost the plot?
    Looks like I’ll be sticking with Windows 7 for a long time to come, well until I see what they do with Windows 9. Windows 8 GUI is not for IT people. Couldn’t imagine working with Metro all day (:

  2. Mike

    I don’t want to appear ungrateful, but who in their right mind would use Windows 8 icons on any desktop? I’m with gedstar, Windows 8 (and its icons) will never find a home on any of my PC’s.

  3. Cambo

    I am an IT Admin, gave Win 8 a shot for a day – that’s it.

    It is a multi-tasking NIGHTMARE. Great if you’re using just a browser, however. Then again, so is Linux :)

  4. Szűcs János

    Why anyone would go back to the stone age? I even would not use theese icons on a railway station, why would I use them on my desktop? A 5 year old child is able to draw much better looking and much more impressive icons than theese. And I did not mention those horrible borderless, unsizeable windows, and those uncloseable applications, Windows 8 is completely unuseable for a serious program developer or for any worker in the IT industry. The RTM spent a half hour with me, when I found that the installer was not able to find a proper driver for a VMWare network card, I deleted the whole virtual machine with a great pleasure. Why anyone create an operating system, which can not be tried in a virtual environment? Who would be that simple minded who installs an RTM into a physical machine instead a virtual one. But without a network connection I even can not download a driver for my NIC!!! So if I were Microsoft I would work on Windows 9 as soon as possible and I would hope that Windows 8 would not push the halt button on Microsoft…

  5. PhantomTurtle

    @Cambo What’s wrong with multitasking on Linux??? (if you are referring to GNOME Shell, then yes, but have you tried gnome-panel?)

  6. Cambo


    No that wasn’t the point. Multi-tasking on Linux is great. I’m actually an avid Linux user as well.

    But for most people, 90% of what they do now, is done in a browser. If all you need is a browser for your day to day stuff, just use Linux, or stay with Windows 7. Windows 8 is a whole other ball game. I found multi-tasking (especially in a corporate setting) an absolute nightmare. Wait for corporations push back, then you’ll see Microsoft change tactics.

    Sorry, I might not have been clear in previous comment.

  7. Frank Mac

    The only icon you need for Windows 8 is a large pair of pants ‘cos so far that’s all it adds up to. As an avid Windows user I moved from XP to Vista – probably the last 2 “grown up” versions of Windows. I’m not going to 7 (Windows for kids & grandparents) and I’m staying the hell away from 8 (Windows for the sake of it ‘cos that’s what we call our OS). If I wanted my PC to work like a knock-off tablet, I’d buy one on ebay (and it would probably be better). I’ve dabbled with a Hackintosh and Linux, guess I’ll be doing a lot more dabbling from now on until I see a better product, but I think it will be a long time coming…

  8. r

    no,….those icons look like they belong in a day-care center or a pre-school

  9. SatoMew

    @Szűcs János, talk about your argument about VMware support being so invalid. The current stable release of VMware Workstation does NOT support Windows 8; however, the Technology Preview of the upcoming version does.

    @Frank Mac, your argument on Windows 7 is invalid. I’m not saying Vista is bad, especially with SP2 but calling Windows 7 for kids & grandparents just shows ignorance and stupidity on your part.

  10. Frank Mac

    @SatoMew, Far from ignorance or stupidity given that IT is my line of work. Besides, I’m entitled to my opinion, and my opinion is if I wanted to buy my gran a pc, I’d get one with windows 7 so she could use it without calling me every 5 minutes! I don’t have an argument with windows 7, just saying it ain’t for me…

  11. SatoMew

    @Frank Mac, what does Windows 7 in comparison to Vista that suddenly makes it so much more kid- and grandparent-friendly?

  12. Stw22

    I think you are both kind of stupid and likely somewhat ignorant too.

  13. Urichhai

    @Frank Mac, Seriously your IT and would prefer Vista over 7???????

    Cant get my head around the comment”Windows for kids & grandparents” I get the feeling you really haven’t spent any time with “7” at all and figure you to be one of those IT guys who thinks inside the box!

    Oh and by the way if you think I am some kind of Kid, I own my own IT company although I admit to being a grandfather.
    Tragically trapped in the XP era.

  14. Urichhai

    oh and Stw22, stinging commentary there.

  15. B Pratt

    On the icons, one word: ick! On preferring Vista to 7: boy howdy. I hope I NEVER need your services. Vista was a nightmare. 7 is a bit weird also, but in different ways.

  16. Szűcs János

    @SatoMew: VMWare supports Windows 8, anyway how could I manage to install it? It works, just no driver for the NIC. If I would make an OS I tried it before deploying on VMWare and VirtualBox at least, even I made available the preinstalled virtual machines! What would be easier to try an OS than download a VMWare image and run it with VMWare Player?

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