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The Most Difficult Security Questions You Will Ever See [Humorous Image]


For those who may have trouble making out the text in the image:

This security check is used to prevent the creation of fictitious accounts. Please provide answers to the 2 security questions listed below.

Q1: From what material is a wool coat made? A1: wool

Q2: What color is blue? A2: blue

Applying for the ‘Captain Obvious’ Position [via Fail Desk]

Akemi Iwaya is a devoted Mozilla Firefox user who enjoys working with multiple browsers and occasionally dabbling with Linux. She also loves reading fantasy and sci-fi stories as well as playing "old school" role-playing games. You can visit her on Twitter and .

  • Published 08/21/12

Comments (10)

  1. Citrus Rain

    That’s worse than 000 webhost’s 1 letter captcha!

  2. Asian Angel

    @Citrus Rain – They have a 1 letter captcha? Wa…facepalm part 2. -_-

  3. Citrus

    (Not to be confused with “Citrus Rain”, above…)

    Um, this isn’t meant for people to fail it. It’s meant to prevent bots from auto-creating accounts.

    I’ll bet that the sentences are generated from a set of 50 or 100, by a minified/obfuscated Javascript program, so that a real human will see the sentences, and can’t fail the test. But a bot can’t even read the question. This is not nearly as dumb as you think.

  4. Danny

    Yeh, that capcha is actually quite good.
    Writing an algorithm to beat that could be rather difficult.
    Assuming, of course, that you get 2 random questions every time.

    Were we to assume those were the only 2 questions, ever, then yeh…. it’s dumb. har har.

  5. Derex

    I facepalmed too, then realized a second later that it’s actually a captcha. LOL Good one at that! I’d say much better than those illegible words…

  6. alekib

    Not so comic. Is a antibot security. Wake up!!!!

  7. Wormwood

    Web site is “Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services”

    Why does this make me feel a little less certain about our country?

  8. dan

    People who don’t understand the context find this funny, its not.

    The goal of these questions is to proove that it is a human,
    not an automated bot answering the questions.
    Someone probally could write a bot to answer them,
    but it would take alot more effort than if they didn’t have these questions.

    I suspect alot of the people laughing at this use their internet banking password for other sites and applications, or use the remember password feature of their internet browser, in which case i am laughing at your poor security.

  9. r

    I laugh at people who think “a lot” is one word.

  10. anuvab1911

    Well,after trying hard enough and considering they do NOT expand/modify their questions database,all questions with answers can be logged and fed to a bot which generates answers just like a Map(Dictionary).

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