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Netflix Rolls Out Post-Play Feature; Marathon Watching Never Easier

Netflix just rolled out a new feature called post-play that will make your next marathon session of your favorite geeky show or movie trilogy as easy as pushing a button.

The new feature chains together TV shows by truncating the credits after 15 seconds and then spooling up the next episode–as seen in the video above demonstrating the feature with two episodes of LOST. The same feature works for movies in a series like sequels and trilogies–if the movie is a stand alone feature, Netflix will instead suggest a followup movie.

The post-play feature is currently available on the PS3 and the web-based interface–look for it soon on other devices.

New “Post-play” Experience Makes It Easy To Continue Watching [Netflix]

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  • Published 08/17/12

Comments (11)

  1. Tyler

    So Netflix now does the same thing Hulu does and has done for quite some time… good for them?

  2. PhoenixPath

    Too bad it is made almost completely useless by their “are you still watching” crap that pops up every 1 1/2 hours of so.

    It pauses the video and *requires* you to click (not key-press) on “continue watching”.

    I was all giddy when it first auto-forwarded on me two nights ago….then that popped up…and that giddiness was instantly gone.

  3. Iszi

    Not sure why they’re just now announcing this. It feels like I’ve been using this feature on my PS3 for at least a month now, maybe two.

    I have to agree with one of the comments on Netflix’s site, though. The idea is great, but the implementation is a bit crappy. If you actually want to just watch the credits (looking for some info, outtakes, whatever) you really can’t. This feature removes you from that experience without providing any clear way (if there is one at all) to go back to it.

    I’ve known this is on TV shows, but now it’s on movies too? That’s even worse, since many movies include outtakes or other interesting artistic additions to their credits.

  4. Michael

    This has been on my PS3 for a very long time now. I do sometimes wish you could disable it.

  5. Jack

    If you want to continue watching the credits, you have to click on the movie in the upper left corner of the screen. Annoying? Yes, but at least the option is still there to watch the credits to the very end. Also, I agree, the “are you still watching…” is aggravating!

  6. Thane


  7. Keltari

    People still use Netflix?

  8. Citrus Rain

    This popped up on my PS3 a while back, and ever since I’ve been fearing that I would lose track of what episode I was on if I were to fall asleep and it would keep going.

    I wish it would have the option to continue to the next one easily without forcing me to the next one when the timer hit 0.

  9. Katherine

    That’s nice; they finally came out with a reason for their price increase. I dropped Netflix way back when they were raising prices and not improving their service. That’s also about the time I learned of Blockbuster @Home when I started working for Dish, and that it’s an enhanced alternative to Netflix. I can actually watch new releases while they’re new.

  10. Holger

    Whatever they will come up with is useless for me for two simple reasons: my IP-address reveals that I’m from Germany so the screen stays black. Even if they were to roll out their business in Europe some distant day there’s an even more annoying obstacle: they do not support Linux and I do not intend to buy either a PS3 or a windoze license. But they’re not alone: all suppliers of VOD have DRM-infested content and do not support Linux – be it Videoload, Maxdome or Amazone’s offer. Is it really that difficult to offer VOD that runs on any platform?

  11. Brandon Garletts

    There is a program that will keep it from pausing after a few episodes like it now does. It’s called Next-Flik and it works great.

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