Microsoft Outlook is a great platform for setting calendar appointments with reminders, but the default reminders in the list might not work for everybody, especially if you want to schedule a reminder for a few months in advance. Here’s how to do it.

Note: Thanks to reader John for writing in, and our own Scott @ TinyHacker for the solution.

Enabling Non-Standard Reminders for a Single Item

If you just want to change the reminder time for a single item, you can highlight the reminder and type in anything you want: 2 minutes, 4 months, etc.


Enabling Non-Standard Default Reminder Times

If you want to make sure that every new item has a specific reminder time that isn’t in the list, you can open up the Outlook Options through the Outlook button in the left-hand corner, and then go to Calendar and highlight the text in the “Default reminders” drop-down box.

Type in anything you want, and close out of the options.