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How to Disable the Office 2013 Splash Screens


In previous versions of Office we had to use command line parameters that would suppress the splash screen on launch, well it looks like Microsoft heard us and finally added an option to disable them in the Office apps. Read on to find out how.

UPDATE: This doesn’t appear to work on the final version of Office 2013.

Note: We would just like to point out that this does not speed up loading times.

Disabling the Office 2013 Splash Screens

Open your Office program of choice and click on the file menu.


You will see Options appear from the left hand side, click on it.


Once the Options dialog opens, you will need to uncheck the last option, then click ok.


That’s all there is to it.

Taylor Gibb is a Microsoft MVP and all round geek, he loves everything from Windows 8 to Windows Server 2012 and even C# and PowerShell. You can also follow him on Google+

  • Published 08/23/12

Comments (9)

  1. Nbatothemax

    How do I get the office 2013 preview, so far Ive only been able to get the office 365 beta.

  2. Dingaling

    Can someone please tell me why we should use any version of Microsoft Office?! Personally, I can’t see any compelling reason to pay a whole lot of money to use it when there are perfectly good free alternatives like Libre Office, Thunderbird and even Microsoft’s own free Power Point viewer. It seems to me like Microsoft is just selling bottles of hot air. (That’s for those of you who may have seen The Lorax.) I’m sure there is a good reason a few people use it. But for most everyone else who just needs a good word processor, spreadsheet program or even just a good email client, I simply fail to see what advantage Microsoft Office provides. So can anyone who casually uses it explain? Thanks.

  3. SoupX

    >>How do I get the office 2013 preview, so far Ive only been able to get the office 365 beta.

    It’s available on Technet

  4. moi

    Libre Office for student or for hobby but Microsoft Office is essentially used for business. It’s a professionnal tool. I can’t wast time with libre office in my office…… .

  5. CompWiz

    OpenOffice is the best alternative for Microsoft’s Office.

    And Thunderbird is the best e-mail client alternative for Microsof’t Outlook.

    Personally, the only difference I see is that Microsoft versions have tons of bells and whistles that most people rarely use or use at all. Not to mention that it’s pathetically expensive!

  6. r


    Yes, any MS Office program is pathetically expensive for individual purchase, no argument there. I guess that I forget this cuz my company pays for all my software licenses. However, the bells & whistles of these programs really depend on ones need (either private or corporate). They aren’t intended to be all used by everyone. They are there to be available to as many different users as possible.

  7. Dingaling


    I’m not suggesting that you waste time since I seriously doubt you’ve even tried Libre Office – or Open Office (which is basically the same thing). But I would think that in a time where attitudes about arrogant leadership in business and government are at an all time low that you might at least want to try and save a little bit of money.

    It really amazes me that certain individuals, companies and even governments seem to be wasting huge amounts of money for computer products based on little more than a belief or a habit when with just a little bit of effort they could be saving so much more. Changing from Microsoft Office to anything else would seem to be just one example. (I won’t even go into the Windows versus Linux thing other than it too could use a little examination.) So attitudes like that do tend to trouble me whenever I see them.

    Now, I can understand it if you like to use Microsoft Office maybe because of the support. But is that your only reason? Aren’t you limiting yourself to just one company like that and encouraging monopoly business practices when you do? So I really would like to know why people have decided to use Microsoft Office. Don’t get me wrong. It’s a great product! But like I said, times are hard and I can’t see any reason to pay for something like this when there are so many other equally good products that are also free!


    The bare/uncoloured ribbon looks yucky. One more thing to get used to – apart from the ‘metro’ which is not even ‘metro’ anymore :-(

  9. Felipe

    Thanks. That start screen was getting on my nerves! Good job!

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