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What Color is a Mirror plus Other Awesome Color Facts [Video]

Think you know what color a mirror is? Find out the answer and learn other fun color facts with this great video from VSauce.

There are links dealing with each of the topics mentioned in the video in the Show More Section at the YouTube link provided below.

What Color Is A Mirror? [via Geeks are Sexy]

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  • Published 08/10/12

Comments (8)

  1. Gunnar

    Except for that the sky is blue due to Rayleigh scattering, not interference.

  2. r

    This guy’s super annoying cuz talks to his audience like they’re six years old

  3. Myflight72510

    He could have elaborated a little about why a mirror is imperfect and why the color green is prevalent in a mirror tunnel. The glass on which the silver is layered is imperfect and has a bit of color to it. If you look at the exposed edge of a piece of flat glass the coloration is very obvious. The larger the piece the darker the color appears for obvious reasons. The color of glass differs according to the vendor and depends of what materials are melted together to make the glass. Back in those days Glass from a company known as Libbey Owens Ford had the most green but was easier to work with and fabricate, more impurities less brittle, more green color. The glass we got from Ford is actually blue and the coloration is much lighter because it’s more pure and the resulting mirror tunnel is blue, we only used it for special orders because it cost more and it was much more brittle to work with. We often had orders for colored glass to be silvered, colors range from green, bronze, pink, golden topaz, gray and so on. A mirror tunnel of pink mirrors darkens into something that looks very burnt orange not red as most people would suppose. The pink glass we had to work with didn’t look like a pure pink to begin with and most people had a hard time distinguishing it from the golden topaz glass. Gray glass darkens into darker shades of gray and eventually goes black at the “far end of the tunnel”.

    A mirror tunnel gets more interesting when two different colors of silvered glass are used because of the blending of colors. Mostly the colors just darken into various shades of brown except when gold and pink mirrors are used then the result is again a burnt orange color.

    I agree the guy is annoying.

  4. uncle dave

    Could it be that the green is derived from the compounding of the reflected glass in the mirror tunnel, which when seen at considerable thickness, just happens to be green?

  5. Ignacio

    Geeky! I love this science things. Thank you, HTG!!!

  6. Ushindi

    Yes, thanks, HTG. Most of us appreciate these interesting science articles.

  7. Asian Angel

    @Ignacio & Ushindi – You are both most welcome. ^_^

  8. Dorothy

    Funny that he didn’t mention first-surface mirrors. The finer ones are in instruments, the rest in school restrooms where they can’t afford breakage.

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