Once a week we round up some great reader tips and share them with everyone. Read on to see how to make your Android phone look like iOS, use a Google Maps mashup like a time machine, and download Wii game saves.

Espier Launcher Brings iOS-look to Android

HTG reader Huang writes in with the following tip:

I love the styling of iOS but the flexibility of Android. My compromise is a free app called Espier Launcher that retools your Android phone to look like an iOS phone. If you’re a fan of the iOS look, it’s too good to pass up!

While many of us around the office are sporting Android phones, we’re also rather fond of the ease of navigation on the iPads laying around. There’s a good chance we just might be taking this for a spin. Thanks Huang!

Dig Through Historical Photos with History Pin

Mark writes in with the following tip for all your history lovers:

I saw your neat Google Maps/Historical Maps mashup earlier today and figured you guys would enjoy History Pin. I included a link to a little introductory video that explains the site pretty well… essentially it’s like a giant pin board for historical photos. There’s tens of thousands of photos from around the world; you just zoom in and start checking them out. There’s even little mini curated collections that highlight historical events, trends, and other neat stuff. Anyways, you guys should check it out!

Well you caught us, we’re big fans of neat mashups like this. We’ll definitely be playing around with it–we already found 100 year old photos of buildings right down the street under construction.

Download Wii Save Games at WiiSave

Shaun writes in with a tip for all the impatient Wii gamers out there:

I know it might not be particularly sporting of me, but these days I don’t have a whole lot of time to spend gaming. When I want to play all the levels in Mario Kart, I want to play all the levels in Mario Kart (without spending a couple weekends beating all the races and unlocking all the time trials and such). I found this great site called WiiSave that is like a giant repository of Wii game saves. It’s perfect for skipping ahead in a game like Mario Kart where you just want to goof around on all the tracks with your friends (but it would certainly kill the fun for long epic games like Twilight Princess). There’s a tutorial video that walks you through using it, once you’ve done it a few times it’s super easy!


Using a Wii save to jump ahead in Mario Kart you say? We don’t know anybody–cough–that would do such a thing. Nice find!

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