Brain Wiring Mapped Via Super Charged MRI [Video]

By Jason Fitzpatrick on August 6th, 2012

The wiring your brain is more orderly than most people would imagine: instead of spaghetti mess of connections it’s actually more of an orderly grid. Check out this 3D MRI scan and accompanying article to peek inside.

Courtesy of the NIMH:

No tangles! The human brain’s connections turn out to be a an orderly 3D grid structure with no diagonals. 2D sheets of parallel fibers cross at right angles — ” like the warp and weft of a fabric.” The first pictures from the most powerful brain scanner of its kind reveal an “astonishingly simple architecture.” This diffusion spectrum image of a whole human brain came from the new Connectom scanner, part of the NIH’s Human Connectome Project.

Source: Van Wedeen, M.D., Martinos Center and Dept. of Radiology, Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard University Medical School

Check out the full article at the link below.

Brain Wiring a No-Brainer [National Institute of Mental Health via Flowing Data]

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  • Published 08/6/12
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