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On Tuesday Microsoft unveiled the new Metro UI version of its e-mail service that is set to replace the old Hotmail/Live service. You can see the clean, sleek look of in action with this walkthrough video from the Microsoft Outlook team. We also have additional article links with more information to share with you. Homepage Note: At the moment “” redirects to a .live login address but the URL is valid. Walkthrough [YouTube] [via Softpedia]

Learn More About the New Look and Features

How to create a new mail ID [The Windows Club] Webmail Keyboard Shortcuts [NirmalTV]

Microsoft unveils Windows 8-inspired “” freemail service [Ars Technica]

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  • Published 08/1/12

Comments (8)

  1. Steve

    I hear that the new only supports activesync and has no support for POP/IMAP. I use POP through a desktop client for access to my email account. Is MS trying to get you on only MS products or what? First Metro and now the successor to Hotmail/Live Mail will not have either POP or IMAP access?

  2. npc

    Opera compatibility?

  3. Chris

    It supports POP and activesync. No IMAP, but activesync is much better anyway.

    Yeah, doesn’t seem to work well with Opera. Hopefully it’s fixed soon, since Opera is my main browser and Outlook is pretty awesome.

  4. Bud Vitoff

    Next time that you dictate something like this, please have lunch and a couple of drinks just before you do. You’re talking wa-a-ay too fast for my old ears.

  5. Willy

    I hated “Window Livemail” – you can shove that cloud crap up someplace where the sun don’t shine!

    All we need out here among the stupid, unwashed masses is a simple, quick text-based email client; something that will put your photos under the text in your message, instead of “in the cloud.”

    It seems everything is being dumbed-down so the sub-valley-girls are able to text while driving a car and talking on a smart phone. I guess the lack of smarts requires the equipment to do your thinking for you.

    Or maybe the market is trying to go where they see a stupid-gap in technology that’s been left by Apple. Note to consuming public: Learn how to speak Chinese.

  6. RA

    Thanks for the links! I really like the new UI and even if it dosen’t support POP/IMAP, iPad seems to support ActiveSync fine so i’m ok.

  7. Chris

    Works with Opera now!! Just updated to Opera 12.01 and works like a charm.

    And just to reiterate, Outlook does support POP, but no IMAP.

  8. pankaj064

    Oh! nice article. Outlook is very fast and in near future going to take over Google. Currently switching to Outlook from Google. Let’s see how microsoft manages to go on top.

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