The Internet Map Charts 350,000 Web Sites In a Traffic-based Map

By Jason Fitzpatrick on July 30th, 2012

The Internet Map is an interactive chart that maps out, via weighted circles, 350,000 web sites in relationship to each other. Zoom around the map to see the, often surprising, connections between your favorite web sites.

From the creator of The Internet Map:

Like any other map, The Internet map is a scheme displaying objects’ relative position; but unlike real maps (e.g. the map of the Earth) or virtual maps (e.g. the map of Mordor), the objects shown on it are not aligned on a surface. Mathematically speaking, The Internet map is a bi-dimensional presentation of links between websites on the Internet. Every site is a circle on the map, and its size is determined by website traffic, the larger the amount of traffic, the bigger the circle. Users’ switching between websites forms links, and the stronger the link, the closer the websites tend to arrange themselves to each other.

Hit up the link below to take it for a spin or read more about the project and the construction of the map.

The Internet Map [via Flowing Data]

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  • Published 07/30/12
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